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The Menowood

Once a haven of safety, for elves pixies, and the like, has recently fallen victim to evil intrusions from the south and east. In particular, a ravenous band of (true not infected)werewolves seems to have taken up residence somewhere in the northernmost part of the woods. The lycanthropes have been raiding human and settlements along the river and dwarves and gnomes of the Hollow Highlands for several months. The local inhabitants have decided to pool their resources ad hire the adventurers to eliminate this threat. The party's employers rarely venture into Menowood and can give the characters no clues as to where the werewolves' lair is. When the party ventures into the forest they are likely to encounter several of the following:

-A band of trolls who have moved into the woods from a vast swamp near by, finding forest people and creatures easier pickings. The trolls have taken to camouflaging themselves with shrubery green branches and leaves and then waiting for game on game trails, which they surprise 1-4 out of a d6. They either rend and tear their prey or chase it into concealed pits.

- About 20-30 bandits that were driven out of a biggar nearby forest and hearing of the werewolves the leader comes up with a plan to disguise the band as werewolves with wolfskins on. They terrorize the towns that the werewolves have already struck so the people believe that it is the attacking werewolves again and give no resistance. The plan has worked twice so far and the band escaped with no losses. Their only fear is running into the real werewolves. Most likely when the PC's encounter the raiders it will be when they are going out for another raid. Among them there is a 5th level magic-user and a 7th level theif, as well as the normal fighters.

- 2 to 5 enraged treants who are suspicious of any intruders in the forest and want outsiders driven away. If treated with respect they may indicate the general direction of the werewolf lair, but will not help more than this.

- An owlbear and an ogre that have teamed up to hunt as a team, they stay away from the treants and elves

- Sylvan elves (11-20) on patrol. They tell the party where not to look, i.e., the areas controlled by elves. They only know the werewolves indirectly because all raids have been outside the forest.

-Two dozen bugbears with a pack of giant toads searching for humans or demi-humans to hunt and slay. Included are 8 1st level clerics and one of 7th level.

-An elm treant whose disease rotted away it's heartwood, causing it to hate all animal life (including people) and will attack on sight.

-The werewolf band, it's members staying near the lair until the time is right for another raid. The lycanthropes have appropriated a series of caves in a ravine and have set up a camp. They are masquerading as simple woodsman,and will welcome the party of humans and demi-humans who come around (only waiting to until the party is is off guard to shape-change and attack.) Deep in the caves is the treasure room which is also the lair of their leader, a powerful lycanthrope who is also a vampire! (The other werewolves tolerate their leaders condition and even consider it an asset since the curse tainted blood of a lycanthrope is disliked by the vampire) He will not come out in the day even if there is a battle unless personally disturbed.

DM's note since we all know that werewolves are hard to destroy you should have your players have characters of high levels.