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Compiled and Edited by Erik Trimble

Copyright ©1994-1996 Erik Trimble

All rights reserved.


The contents of this anthology are copyrighted by their respective authors; see the credits for complete attribution. The format of this anthology, as well as the indicies and other material are copyrighted by the editor. This book may be reproduced in any manner subject to the following restrictions: (1) that all credits for all material reproduced are retained and displayed, (2) this work is quoted as the reference from which all reproduced material is taken, (3) no charge is made for the resulting reproduction beyond that reasonable for materials necessary to distribute the reproduction on, and (4) this notice is displayed in a prominent place in the reproduction. Persons wishing to incorporate parts of this book into works of their own may do so subject to the previous conditions ( including the stipulation of no charge for the resulting work ) or may contact the editor to arrange for other rights.

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