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Chimes of the Winds of Time

A fine and delicate-appearing set of wind chimes, these seven resonant bars are possessed of a terrible power. When struck, each sounds a clear, perfect note, and a certain amount of time passes, within a ten foot diameter circle. There is one bar for each of the following time periods: minute, hour, day, month, year, century, and millenium. If strung and/or hit carefully, precise time increments can be obtained. If not, who knows how much time might pass? Perhaps enough for the stoutest steel to crumble into dust, or just a respite for an exhausted fighter, while his enemy freezes in place. Three footnotes will be of special interest - First, the apparatus used to hang the chimes is not immune to the effect of them, so often the only thing to stop a runaway chime will be the disintegration of whatever is holding them up. Second, since chime rings in real (outside the 10' area) time, they can be heard by approaching beings. It is possible, however that they might not realize what is happening, even though they hear the chimes within the area. The aging affects only those things stay within the area (beings can walk out, unaffected, and their movements will seem exceedingly quick to those outside). Third, there is a legend stating that the song of these chimes will be the final sound at the end of time.

Horn of War

A horn of war is over 5' long, made of roughly carved, gold-colored stone, weighing 120 lbs., and covered with thousands of magical symbols and glyphs related to the art of summoning. Only a non-elven fighter of 9th level or higher (or a ranger of 11+, or barbarian of 8+) with constitution and charisma of 14 or higher may properly sound a horn of war; a character of insufficient level or with less than 14 constitution passes out from the strain of attempting to sound it, and an elf or character with substandard charima is unable to command the creatures the horn summons.

The great call of a horn of war carries for 5-20 miles in any weather conditions. It magically summons an army of 10-200 quaggoths, with 10 hp each, in 1-6 turns. The frenzied, battle-crazed mob may be commanded only to attack, which the monsters do until destroyed. If not slain in battle, the quaggoths serve for one hour per level of their summoner before disappearing. Quaggoths summuned but not controlled run amok for 2-12 turns, attacking everyone, before leaving. Three years must pass between each sounding of a horn of war. Regardless of whether the quaggoths are commanded or not, they will slay all elves they see while carrying out their other tasks.

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