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Staff of Adjustment

This staff is of dark polished wood. It will always be just the right size for the cleric holding it. In the hands of a good cleric it heals 1d6 hit point per round or touch which ever is latest to anyone (but the cleric) who touches it. In the hands of an evil cleric it does 1d6 points of damage. In the hands of a neutral (lawful, true, or chaotic) it glows bright green - and so does the cleric, for 1d6 hours. Each function uses one charge, and it can be recharged.

Baton Des Freres Marques

This wood staff (length varies), is usually found marked with signs of chopping and sawing. The staff will always grow or shrink (in 1-3 rounds) to exactly twice the height of the person holding it. If the ends are cut off or if the staff is broken, the largest portion of the staff will regenerate fully. One end of the staff detects traps by swinging to point at the trap (range 10'). This staff does not use charges.

Staff of the Couatl

The Staff of the Couatl is a device much appreciated and used by good clerics, particularly those who worship the few good-aligned deities of the Central American mythos. The lawful neutral clerics of Quetzalcouatl, however, may use staves of this sort normally. A Staff of the Couatl is about 7' long, with the top 3' of the staff fashioned in the shape of a winged couatl. Such staves are usually made from precious materials such as ivory over a silver core, and are magically strengthened so they can be used in combat (as quarterstaves). This powerful staff has the following abilities:

  1. It can be used to summon one couatl per month to serve the needs of the cleric possessing the staff. The couatl will have randomly determined hit points and psionic abilities. It will fight on behalf of the summoning cleric until the opponent is vanquished or escapes, or until the user of the staff commands the attack to cease. If the couatl is summoned to fight against insurmountable odds, or if the combat does not seem to be favoring the side of the couatl and the cleric, the couatl will wrap its tail around the cleric and transport both of them to a place of safety elsewhere on the Prime Material Plane (by traveling through the Ethereal Plane). This destination is not under the control of the cleric. In any event, the couatl will vanish back to the Ethereal Plane 5-8 turns after being summoned, or sooner if the cleric commands it. This power may only be used by lawful good clerics or clerics who worship Quetzalcoatl.
  2. So long as the staff is carried, the cleric gains a +2 bonus to his saving throw vs. magical effects in general, and a +4 bonus to his save vs. all poisons. These bonuses are cumulative with those offered by other devices, as per a ring of protection.
  3. The staff may be used to effect the casting of certain spells: detect evil and snake charm each three times per day; neutralize poison and sticks to snakes each once per day; and wind walk once per week. All spell effects are at the 8th level of ability.
  4. The staff is +1 to hit and damage when used in combat.
A non-good, neutral-aligned cleric (lawful neutral, chaotic neutral, or true neutral) who grasps the staff will not be harmed, but cannot use any of its powers (except for clerics of Quetzalcoatl, as noted for power #1). An evil cleric who picks it up will take 2-5 points of damage each round the staff is held. If a cleric of Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl's chief rival, is struck by or picks up this staff, all damage received is doubled, and that cleric must save vs. poison each round the staff is grasped or be slain. This staff neither has nor requires charges.

Demon Staff

This is a black leather-like staff, very strong, and carved with disgusting scenes and vile runes. It allows the wielder to cause fear in whomever it touches (no saving throw), inflicting 4-24 hit points of damage which can only be healed by the passage on 1 full day of time per hit point upon any creatures it touches. It may also be used to call forth a Type I demon and/or turn the holder into a Type III demon for five rounds. Each of these functions operates but once per day. The staff does not have or require charges.

Staff of Spell Focusing

This staff aids in the casting of a magic-user's spells, and makes the magic more effective if the spell is cast successfully. It must be held in the caster's left hand (or right if left-handed) throughout the casting of the spell, whether or not the magic requires a somatic component. (Any gestures requiring movement of the left hand are automatically modified by the staff if necessary.) When properly employed, the staff of spell focusing causes the target(s) of a spell to suffer a -4 penalty on the saving throw against the magic, if a saving throw is normally allowed. If the spell does not allow a saving throw, the duration of its effect is increased by 50% of the normal time. This effect does not apply to spells with a non-specific duration or to those that have a permanent duration. Each use of the staff, for either purpose, expends one charge from the item. It can be recharged. If the holder of the staff tries to enhance a spell that cannot be affected (such as hallucinatory terrain, which allows no saving throw and has a non-specific duration), the staff simply fails to function and a charge is not wasted. The staff of spell focusing can only be used in this manner by a magic-user. It can be wielded as a weapon by characters able to employ a quarterstaff, but grants no combat bonuses and has no magical properties.

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