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Great! You have an idea that you'd like to submit to the Magic.Items book. Before you mail it off to me, there are a few things I have to say about submissions...

I'd like to include all the suggestions that reach me. However, as I don't really have the time to recreate and fix alot of submissions, I will send back those that don't have enough info (in my opinion) to their authors and request a more complete submission.

Guidelines for Submitting Entries

Submissions at the minimum should have the following:

  1. Book/Area/Subsection of the Codex where the item belongs (or make a new one if it doesn't seem to fit anywhere).

  2. Complete and unique name for the item.

  3. A paragraph (or more) explaining in detail the exact powers of the item. Include things like frequency of use of spell-like powers, conflicts/compatibility with other items, physical description, and game mechanics.

  4. For singlular items, include a bit of history about previous owners/the creator/etc to give the item "flavor".

  5. Legendary items should include as full a history as possible, with notable owners, the circumstances of creation, current whereabouts, etc.

  6. Experience and Gold Piece Sale values.

  7. For non-singular/legendary items, a relative index of the freqency of the item: Very Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare. This will be used to fit it into the random treasure tables.

IMPORTANT! Always include you full name and email address so that I may properly credit you for your creation.

That's it! When your submission is all done, just mail it off to me at


Jan 8th, 1997