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Helms| Body Armor| Shields



Helm of the Paladin by Mendahu, Archmage
This Helm grants its wearer (if a Paladin) the ability to see undead anywhere, thus making it imposible for the paladin to be surprised. All undead will be surrounded by a red aura and they can be seen through walls (up to 10 ft) or up to 500 ft with no barriar.

Body Armor


Armor of Cowardice by LionAvatar
This Chainmail +2 automatically phases the wearer if faced with twice as many hit dice of opponents than the wearer. The wearer stays phased out until the opponents cease trying to hurt the wearer. This effect cannot be avoided turned off.

Armor of the Paladin by Gecko
Appears to be a suit of purest white plate mail armor. When donned the symbol of the Paladin's deity magically etches itself on the chest and shoulder pieces. A cape(same color as the symbols)then grows from the top of the armor and flows to about just past the Paladin's knees. This armor cannot be used by Antipaladins. The Armour has the following powers:

the Paladin's lay on hands ability is now full Heal
AC -4
makes no noise
never gets dented or bloodstained
+4 bonus when turning undead
Strength becomes 20, Wisdom 18, and Constitution 17

Armor of the Raven by Talen Bladebane
The Armor of the Raven is leather +2 which has the ablity to grow wings upon the command words and doubles as Armor of Blending



The Shield of the Arctic by DaWarMage
The Shield of the Arctic was forged by Dwarven smiths and then bought by Elven sorcerers. They imbued it with the powers of the Arctic. It is well made and of madium size, it has the symbol(in iron) of a polar bear. It is quite cold to the touch and often there is an unexpected chill breaze arround it. When the user readies it for combat the wearer gains the ability to control its powers. The one poer he cannot control is its natural defense. If the adventurer blocks a blow nothing happens, but if it is about to get past the shield then the shield grows in size by having ice form arround its edges. Even if the wearer is attacked from behind it with instandly encapsulate him in ice. The ice pulls back untill it is gone after 20 seconds of not being attacked. The shield is encased in this ice but the wearer will not be able to touch it, it will move out of his reach. If the user stops holding the shield it will drop the ice prematurely and he will be exposed. The wearer becomes immune to the cold while he is in possesion of the shield. Twice a day he can cause a freezing wind of small inensity to burst from the shield. As an adventure possesses the shield they become more reclusive and less talkative. They will slowly become Neutral/Neutral and more attached to the shield.