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Amulet of the Beholder by IceDwarf
This amulet is made of fine silver and is engraved with an eye in the center. The pupil of the eyes is a ruby. The amulet has 2d6 charges that can never be recharged. When activated by saying a command word, it unleashes the power of one of the beholders' eyes on any target within 20 ft.

Basalisk Stone by IceDwarf
This is a slightly glowing football sized egg-like stone that radiates a very strong magic aura. The stone, when brought into the presents of a basilisk, allows the holder of the stone to control it. (This also works for pyrolisks and other basilisk kin.) [NOTE:The user must have his or her skin touching the stone in order to invoke this artifacts effects.] With each command given to a basilisk or kin, the user gains one "hardening" point. At 5 points, s/he gains AC -1, constitution +1, or strength +1, and dexterity -1. At 10, the affect occurs again. Once more at 15, and at 20; s/he turns to stone: No saving throw, only a "stone to flesh", or wish, can return the user to their flesh state. The stone is worth 4000 gp.

Flind Bar of the Gods by Arete the Great
This a Flind Bar that appaers to made out of crystal. It functions as a brutal +5 flind bar and the user gets not just 3, but 5 attacks per round. The user eventually is not able to use any equipment at all besides the bar after 3d20 days and is permanently attached to it. The only way for the user to die is by destroying the bar, which must be done by sprinkling the powder of a blue dragon tooth on it. The user then must never, ever use a flind bar again.

The Blood Drinker by Anon
The Blood Drinker is an ancient long sword constructed by an unknown Abyssal Power for a proxie that was leading an assault on Baator. The blade is made of an alien black metal and has tanned Baatezu skin wrapped around its hilt. The sword is intellegent (17), it comunicates through telepathy up to 60 feet. When the sword hits a living creature, ghostly green mist is sucked from the victim into the sword. The Bood Drinker posseses additional powers of: +5 to hit/dam, +2 MTHAC0, x2 dam vs. baatezu, on every successful roll of 18-19 the sword drains 2 HP from the victim and transfers 1 HP to the weilder permanently. (This damage is not extra its considered part of the magical bonus.) On every roll of 20 the sword transfers the full long sowrd damage (D8 or D12). The sword also grants unholy word and heal once per week. Additionally, the sword has psionics. It is a 70 PSP receptacal that refills at a rate of 5PSP/turn. And the weilder may use Life Draining MAC 6 Cost 6/3, Cause Decay MAC 6 Cost 4/2, and Graft Weapon MAC 5 Cost 5/2. Curse Every sucsessful hit requiers a save vs. magic to avoid alighnment slipping one step closer to chaotic-evil; the blade must KILL at least 10HD every week or it will drain 20HP save vs spell for half(permanatly) instead. The weilder inherits the Tanar'ri's racial hatred of Baatezu. And finally, the weilder must save vs spell once per month or be teleported into an Abyssal army marching to a Blood War battle. To destroy this artifact, it must be taken to the sumit of Mt. Celestia, (the sword would try to stop this by any means possible) and broken over Assmodeus' knee.

Black Ruby Sword by Joshua Caffey
This Sword appears as a sword or dagger of the wielder's choice; with the exception of color. The blade is jet black, without any shine. The hilt of the sword has a large, circular, black ruby enbedded in it. The Sword hits for 3d6+3 for CG, CN, or CE alignments. For NG, N, or NE it hits for 2d6+4. For LG, LN, or LE, it hits for 1d6+5. The Sword weights about 3 lbs with the speed factor of 4.

Powers: Detect magic in a 10' radius, Detect undead in a 10' radius, and Detect demons, devils, and divine beings in a 10' radius. This Sword has no additional powers in the hands of LG, LN, or LE. In the hands of NG, N, or NE the sword bestows Infravision 60 ft at will, Invisibility 2/day, and Levitate 3/day. In the hands of CG, CN, or CE alignments, the sword gains additional powers (plus Neutral gained powers): Fly 1 hour/day, Heal 3/day, and the wielder may, at will, have an aura of fear in a 10' radius 1/week. In the hands of CG all powers are doubled. Treat all powers as per spell name at the level of the Sword wielder. The Sword speaks all languages and only communicates telepathically to the wielder. The Sword is CG and has an intelligence of 17, but the Sword never asks for anything until it senses an undead magic weilder (lich, vampire magic-user, vampire cleric, etc.), demon, devil, and other such beings. When the Sword senses any of these beings, black flames cover the blade and it automatically posseses its wielder until those beings, or the weilder, are destroyed. The Sword may be wielded by any class as long as the Sword's type stays in class restrictions i.e. a dagger for a wizard.

XP value: 25,000
GP value: varies from 250,000 to priceless

CREATION: A CG Grey Elven wizard named Alimah Baelrethkor created this sword. He was exploring the UnderDark when he was mysteriously transported to another dimension. There he found an unknown black metal. When he found his way back to his tower (after a long time) he found that the rubies he was carrying were fused together and became totally black. Upon studying the black metal and the ruby/rubies he found that they were imbued with magical properties. He then decided to make a dagger out of the metal and ruby/rubies. He called it the Black Ruby Dagger. After the dagger was made he went out adventuring and met a lich. The dagger grew and became a sword then took over Alimah's body and made him attack the lich. After the lich was destroyed Alimah changed the name of the Dagger to the Black Ruby Sword and thinking it was too powerful for anyone to have he locked it up in his tower. Two years later a thief came and stole it and Alimah has not been able to recover it since. Its where-abouts is currently unknown.

The Scale of Dragons by Gecko
This item looks like a large scale, consisting of all possible colors and and yet no color at the same time. A long time ago, when man was just discovering the existance of dragons, three powerful mages tried to devise a way to study these ancient creatures more closely. The three mages were Lawful: one evil, one good, and one neutral. Together they cast a spell upon a scale from a crystal dragon, but unfortunatly the spell went awry and resulted in the creation of a chaotic neutral item; The Scale of Dragons. Powers:

allows possesor to speak every Dragon language
Armor Class changes to that of Dragon encountered
bestows 25% magic resistance
bestows resistance to encountered Dragon's breath weapon
+2 to hit and damage vs. Dragons
possessor can fly

Dangers of using this item:
Player changes alignment to that of encountered Dragon
player becomes very amiable to all Dragons of every alignment
Dragons get +4 to hit and damage vs. possessor of the Scale

In order to destroy this powerful item, the user must expose it to the combined magical powers of Midnight, Tiamat, and Bahamut (all of which must be working together).

The Orb of Ao by Shadowfax
This item was created ages ago when Ao, the father of the gods in the Realms, held a stone from the center of the world in his hand. After centuries of rubbing the stone, it became polished smooth and imbued with some of his power. It is intelligent (20), and has an alignment of Lawful Good. In the hands of a good character, it has some limited powers. When a character of Neutral alignment touches the Orb, they take 4d10 points of damage and lose 1 point each of Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom, permanently. Any evil character that touches it dies immediately, no saving throw. In each case, there is no way to reverse the effects. In the hands of a Lawful Good character, however, the Orb's power is fully revealed. Specific powers should be chosen by the DM, but should be of the Healing, Divination, and protection spheres. It will not attempt to control a LG character, but will push him to vanquish evil in all its forms. The Orb is about 6 inches in diameter, appears to be made of glass, and glows a faint blue in the presence of any LG character, and blazes in a blinding red light when its LG wielder confronts any evil.

Dayron's Dark Eye by Bosephus
Dayron was a very powerful wizard that lived many eons ago (renound for his divining ability). During a normal future reading, he saw images of the "Time of Troubles." These images were so horrible for him that he went mad tring to change the future. In his eyes, destroying the world was the only way to fix things. Luckly for the world, (but unlucky for Dayron) a long forgotten god saw Dayron's efforts and sent a group of aventures, lead by one of his [the forgetton god's] paladins, to destroy Dayron. Before Dayron was destroyed, he somehow managed to transport his soul into a small obsidian rock, the purest ever found; which has now come to be known as Dayron's Dark Eye. Powers:

Gives posessor the divining ability of a Diviner of 16th Lv.
+2 to all saving throws concerning magic
+1 to Armor Class

The Curse of Dayron's Dark Eye:

The possesser is subject to being transformed into a CN Diviner, loosing all previous character abilities. The charactor then may not sleep until he or she has completed the goal of world-wide destruction. (Naturally people will not be fond of this idea, so the affected character's Charisma eventually drops to 6. Additionally, the character's alignment slowly changes to CN [one slot per 4 months]). The dreadful transformation of Dayron takes place within a year of possession of the Eye.

Means of destuction (2 possible ways):

The charaters must go back in time and give Dayron's Eye to the Paladin leader of the party that originally destoryed him, so that he [the paladin] can destroy it befor the historic battle. Dayron's eye must be taken to the absolute end of time and be forced to look into the non-existent future. Upon doing this, the stone will be overloaded, resulting in a massive explossion; destroying EVERYTHING within a 10 mile radius.