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Ring of Balance by LionAvatar
The ring of Balance causes the wearer to be surefooted at all times. All balance or dexterity checks are made automatically. The wearer also recieves a +1 to any proficiency that requires Dexterity/Balance.

Ring of The Glacier by Lord Necrilus
Cut from the heart of a great glacier and enchanted by the reclusive northern elf-mage Illifrem, this ring is in the form of a smooth band and appears to be made of a fine, blue-tinted crystal that is cool to the touch. The wearer is not immediately aware of any of the ring's capabilities, they instead show themselves over time. As soon as it is put on, the user is immune to normal/intense cold (1/2 damage from Magical Cold) and their skin becomes more of a pale color. By the second day of being worn, the user is able to use the spell Chill Touch merely by thinking about it. By the end of the third day, the wearer is able to project a Cone Of Cold once every 2 days and can cause Fear as he would with an Eyebite spell by giving victims an "Icy Stare". On the sixth day, he can create an Ice Storm once every 2 days; The ring's owner becomes even more white-looking with the faintest trace of blue, their eyes look dark and peircing, and overall, the person looks more like someone who froze to death than a living person. Major Power: Allows wearer to pass through any natural formation of ice at will. This item can only be used by wizards , anyone else is inflicted with 1-4 points of cold damage from putting it on, which continues every turn until it is taken off. As in anything of it's type, this ring has a command word,: "Brinsk-korr", a barbarian word meaning "Cold Death". If the ring is taken off, the physical effects remain, including the Eyebite-fear-thing, but everything else goes and the former owner is stricken with a deep longing to feel the ring sitting on his finger again.

Ring of Wizards and Gnomes by The Tarasque
This ring of movement is a ring made especially for wizards and gnomes. When it is placed on any other creature, that creature becomes infected with The FLU for 3 weeks. On the other hand, when the ring is placed on a wizard or a gnome, that he or she gains a +2 in Dex. and a +1 in Str.

Ring of Fire by IceDwarf
This ring gives the wearer a +3 bonus in combat, but the wearer will suffer 1d6 damage per round due to the constant extreem temperature of the ring; however, the ring will not set fire to other objects. (Immunity from fire will not stop damage caused by the ring.)

Ring of the Dragon by Talen Bladebane
The ring of the Dragon has a very good carving of a drgon (any color) and is made from gold. The ring acts as a ring o spell storing, ring of invisability, and a ring of shooting stars.