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Rods| Staves| Wands



Rod of Life by IceDwarf
This rod turns a player into an absolute pasafist. S/he cannot kill or hurt anything purposely. However, with this rod, the bearer never ages or dies. The only way to get rid of the rod of life is to get the rod of death, which ages the user at 10 times the normal speed. When the rods come in contact with each other both turn to dust, that, when scattered in the air, allows the scatterer to cast one spell at twice thier level.

Rod of Sacrifice by Sir Darksol Shadowflame
This appears to be a normal rod with an ebon lion's head pommel. The rod itself is 4' long and is made out of ivory. It can be used in combat like a club, and does 1d3+1 damage; However, when the command word is spoken, it drains 1d3 of the user's hit points, and does 1d3 times as many damage to the opponent in addition to the normal 1d3+1. (i.e. the command word is spoken, and the first roll is 2, the second is three. The rod will do 1d3+7 if it hits) Note that the rod will cause damage to the user whether or not an opponent is hit. If the command word is spoken, and the rod is pointed at someone/something, and the word is spoken again, a magical missile will shoot out. The user will lose 1d3 hp, and the bolt will cause 1d3 times that amount of damage, but the user will also lose one hit point for every 10' to the target. If this hp loss will kill the user, he/she must roll a saving throw vs. death if they do not wish to die. If they succeed, they are reduced to 1 hp, and the effect does not resolve itself. This bolt can damage both creatures and inanimate objects.



The Wizards' Sword by NATEBHERE
The Wizard Sword is a walking staff with a short sword in side of it. It takes one turn to remove the sword from the staff, by simply unscrewing it. The short sword is a Vorpal Short Sword, with all endowments of that of DMG Vorpal Sword, except that it cannot damage the staff part of the weapon. The staff part is also immune to the effects of any other vorpal swords. Making it useful in defense against all slashing weapon. In short it cannot be broken except when the wielder chooses. When the Staff and sword are pieced together the staff is a Staff of the Magi, but only when it is pieced together. Using the retributive ability of the staff also destroys the sword. However, the wielder only has 25% chance of escaping, but if not, he automatically receives only 1/2 damage. Spell absorption, to recharge, is doubled. For one charge it must absorbed twice the level, making recharging even more risky.

Death Flame by TriggerIV
The staff about 6ft tall with a perminate screeming human skull at the top. Upon utterance of the command word, a flaming skull shoots from the skull mounted on the staff, causing 2d6+2 initailally and 1d4+1 additional per round until extinguished with a prayer or holy water. The staff can be used only by evil necromancers and priests. The staff contains 25 charges, rechargable only by placing the staff in the blood of an undead moster.

Tsu's Staff of Many by Lazarus Khan
This staff is 6 feet long with studded leather grips on each end and depictions resembling eastern asian language. The staff functions as a quarterstaff x2 and when one end is gripped and the command word spoken, one may draw either a katana or a tanto from the ends. Each may be fashioned on the same end from which they were produced in many variations from a Naginata to a double-bladed staff. [This weapon was taken from the Artifacts of Khan.]

Staff of the Swine by Bosephus
The Staff of the Swine is a staff of about 4 foot in length, and appears to be an ordinary walking stick. But any creature struck by the staff on roll of 20 (if the 20 is not more than 5 more what is then needed to hit nothing happens) is turned in to an adult pig as per a polymorph spell cast at 15th level. Of course, there is a saving throw allowed, but it is at -2 penalty. The change is perminent but a Limited Wish spell or a Wish spell will reverese the change. The Staff has one other power: apon saying the command word, it can turn normal earth into mud. (This change affects 10 square feet of earth.) The Staff can only be destroyed if it is completely cleaned of all the dirt and mud in the blood of a mature or older water dragon. The staff normally does 1d6/1d6 damage and the mud ablity can only be used twice a week.

The Staff of Lloth by Shadowfax
The Staff of Lloth is a six foot long +5 quarterstaff. It is completly black with spiders engraved along its entire length. On a natural attack roll of 20, the staff does quadruple damage. Additionally, one of the spiders briefly comes to life to bite the victim and inject poison of type 'O'(paralytic). This staff also gives the wielder the ability to summon 1d4 giant spiders to do his or her bidding. NOTE: this staff is not something to be found, but rather it is a gift to someone who is of high stature, favored by the Spider Queen. It can only be used by characters of evil alignment.

Quaterstaff, Vorpal Weapon by Kailas
This weapon, when first discovered, appears to be an iron staff of some sort. Upon closer inspection, the staff will reveil its strong magical aura (most wizards try futilely to discover its command word; never daring to use it in combat). If used in combat, it performs as a +3 Quaterstaff. (The user may notice that the staff always seems to draw blood, even on a weak hit; partially revealing the staff's true nature). On a very high "to hit" die roll, as shown below, it will sever an extremity- arm, leg, neck, tail, tentacle, whatever --- determined by a random dice roll (NOTE: chart includes +3 bonus):

Larger than man-sized........21-23
Solid metal or stone...........22-23

One draw back is the 10% chance that the unwary combatant will injure him/herself with it; resulting in 1D3 points of damage. (The DM, at his discreation, may allow the character an intelligence check; which if passed, the character will realize the true nature of this staff. Once known to be a vorpal weapon, there is only a 1% chance of self-inflicted damage.

Staff of Forest Magic by Ceasar Stormgald
This thin delicate looking oaken staff in 6 feet long and half an inch thick. It radiates a green glow and can illuminate as bright as a torch. The staff may be used by druids, rangers, monks and herbalists. Any other classes will suffer 1d12 damage from the green glow. The staff functions as a quarterstaff +2 and has the additional abilities/powers:

pass without trace
acts as a cloak of elven kind in the forest
can cast entangle 4/day
can cast farie fire 3/day
can cast animal summoning(2) 2/day
can cast summon woodland beings 2/day
can cast past plant 4/day
can cast tree 2/day

Note: the staff is a gift and can never be stolen or lost, nor can you win one in combat. The guardians of the forest treat these staves as precious items.



Splell Wand by LionAvatar
The dreaded Splell wand is a bane of spell casters everywhere. With but a wave and the utterance of a command word (usually "duh," "umm," or "huh?") a spell being cast is ruined by a random, childish mistake. A word is mispronounced, a component is dropped at a vital moment, or an itch distracts the caster ruining the spell.

Vorpal Wand by LionAvatar
This wand grants the effects of a Vorpal Sword upon any type S melee weapon for the first attack in a round for the duration of one round per charge. The Wielder of the Wand may activate 1 to 3 charges at a time which must all be used on the same weapon. Activation grants the affected weapon a +3 bonus to hit and damage for the enchanted attack only. This wand may not be recharged.

Staff of Katriel by Talen Bladebane
The Staff of Katriel is approx 5 feet in length and has a jade on the top. It has the ability to grant the character one of these powers:

Shapechange 3 times a day
Fireball 2 times a day
Detect Good at will
Putrify food and water 3 times a day
Bestow character with 40% MR