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Sword of Devouring by LionAvatar
This longsword +2 has the ability to disarm or disarmor an opponent. If a natural 20 is rolled on the attack, the victim must make a save vs. breath weapon or lose a piece of armor to disintegration. Chose the location on a random roll on a d6: 1-helm, 2/3- breastplate, 4-Shield (or breastplate), 5-leg, 6-arm. If the victim has no protection in that area, the sword does Double max damage as a bit of lifeforce is drawn out to recharge the sword. The effects of this sword are in addition to any critical hit that might also apply; in that case use the C&T location charts.

Crimson Blade by Rogil
This is a finely crafted Rapier made of pure adamantite, the blade however is a crimson red color, and can shed an eerie red light up to 30' on command. In combat the blade functions as a +3 sword of wounding, is impervious to rust attacks, and never needs sharpening. The most powerful aspect of the weapon however, is that it functions like a dimensional portal. There is a specific Crimson Death that the creator of the magic item made a bargain with. This Crimson Death may be summoned by the wielder and commanded, or rather asked to do something. The Crimson Death is a sentient creature (actually Genius) and retains a free will of its own. The Crimson Death has a scrying gem that allows it to see through the sword to determine if it wants to appear for the wielder. Generally the Crimson Death will do it, provided the wielder keeps on good terms with the Crimson Death. In order to be on good terms, the Crimson Death must be fed at a minimum of 1 sentient humanoid creature per week. Additionally whenever the Crimson Death is summoned the Crimson Death is likely to steal treasure from the dead creatures to carry back to its horde. The Crimson Death can communicate by soft whispers through the sword at will. If the Crimson Death is not fed at least one time per week there is a percent chance that it will attack the sword wielder, when summoned. The final power, or rather drawback, is usually unknown to the wielder. If the sword is used to attack a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, before the attack is swung (or in mid swing) the sword vibrates violently, automatically falling out of the attacking creatures hand. Finally there is a False Vision spell placed around the aura, so any attempt to dissemble the blade to determine the aura always reads a false aura.

The Singing Swords of Myth Drannor by Taliesin13
These twin swords are incredibly delicate. [Of a crystaline nature.] When they brush against each other, they emit a soft hum. If tapped against each other, they emit a sound like a tublar bell with a profiency in musical ability. [It is likely that a tune might be created (diff. -3). Specialization in either the violin family or the bell family increases this to only a -1 difficulitly.] If used in combat, these delicate blades have a 15% chance to shatter, doing 1D6 damage to all creatures in a 10' sphere. If the swords do not shatter, they cause 1D8/1D8 dmg, which cannot be healed except by magical healing. [Similar to the sword of sharpness without the sever ability.]

Sword Of the Undead by Rameth
This sword looks like a normal bastard sword with a +2 enchantment, but when in the hands of an evil cleric or necromancer, the items power comes into perspective. When weilded, the sword glows a very sickly green color, and when the command word is spoken, the sword controls all undead in a 200 yard radius. Also, during this period it gains +5 enchanment against good creature (Nuetral excluded). (Any type of undead can be controlled even death knights.) It does this for as long as user wants. The undead will not attack the user and will obey him/her completely. When this sword is hit against a holy avenger (ex. Paladin and user are in a fight and parries the attack) it creates a blast that causes 2d20 damage against all within 10ft radius. To an evil necromancer this weapon is as valuable as a +5 Holy Avenger is to a paladin.

Darkflame by Faust
DarkFlame is +3 obsidian longsword. Upon a natural hit roll of 18, 19, or 20 DarkFlame will inflict an addtional 1d8 points of burn damage to enemies for 1d4 rounds. This affect is cumualative, therefore if the user were to roll an 18+ unmodified on succesive rounds, or within the same round,then an addtional 1d8 damage for 1d4 rounds would be suffered for each hit.
The Holy Defender by Chance~Ashaman~
This sword can be of any type as functions will all the powers of the Holy Avenger sword when in the hands of a Paladin. However the +5(and +10 against chaotic evil creatures) can be used to imporve the users AC much like the standard Defender sword.

Midnight's Sword by Gecko
This very powerful is sword made of a platinum blade with a hilt of leather wrapped obsidian. When someone posseses this sword, their name appears on one side of the blade, accompanied by the symbol of Midnight on the other. Powers:

+7 to attack and damage rolls
can lengthen or shorten itself at will
If within five feet of its current owner, it has the ability to resurrect him/her on the altar in the High Temple of Midnight.
can cut through anything, accept Mithril, as if it were butter
on a natural attack roll of 20, the sword realeases a 14d6 lightning bolt inside the target that does double damage (on targets immune to electricity, it does quadruple damage)

MonoBlade by The UndeadKing
This Blade of bastard sword style is made of a undamagable material and is of solid construction with the blade, hilt and handle being one peice of what appears to be made of obsidian. The handle is wrapped in a type of leather made from a unknown of reptile that offers both a easily held surface but is extremely soft and supple and is also undamagable. The hilt is typical cross hilt desgin to protect the users hand{s} and also acts as a balancing force which allows the user to wield the blade more easily. The blade is enchanted to be EXTREMELY sharp and almost monomolecular in sharpness, normal thickness at middle. The user doesn't add strength damage to the attack but gets to ignore armor bonuses not gained from dexterity and magic. At DM choice the blade can act as a sword of slicing (when hit save vs. death or die, if passed then takes x3 damage).

Sword of Light by Mendahu, Archmage
This sword is a mini Holy Avenger of sorts. It is a +2 long sword that eminates light as the spell ina 10 ft radius. It also does an extra +2 damage to undead.

Light Striker by Talen Bladebane
The Light Striker is a Long Sword +1 that on a failed save vs spell blinds the enamy for one battle round and the creature hit losess initiative next round



Holy Cleaver by LionAvatar
This battleaxe is a holy relic to the Dwarven warrior-priests. In the hands of a Dwarven Fighter/cleric it is a mighty +5 weapon, second only to the Holy Avenger of as Paladin. Wielded by any other race or class, it acts as a +2 battle axe. The Holy Cleaver gives a Dwarf fighter/cleric +2 to all saves vs magic, and inflicts triple damage to all natural dwarven enemies. This item also acts as a Phylactery of Faithfulness. If the Dwarf is in danger of displeasing his deity, the axe will become Cold, warning the priest of his incorrect actions. This chill can be felt even through armor, clothing, or cold protection spells.



Triple Flail of Healing by Mendahu, Archmage
This is a +1 flail with three tails. Each ball has a different power:

Cure Serious Wounds [2/day]
Raise Dead [1/day]
Restore/Restoration [1/day]



Halberd of Pink Bunnies by Sir Darksol Shadowflame
This item acts as a +1 magical halberd that does an additional +1 damage (that makes it +1 to attack, +2 to damage) However, 1d4 days after a being is killed with the weapon, assuming that being was not revived, 1d6 pink bunnies appear in the area where the death ocurred. (They hop out of nowhere, from under rocks, out of holes, etc... It's impossible to see exactly where they come from.) Once there, they stay within 30' of the area for 1d4 weeks. Sadly, these creatures are extremely tasty to trolls, and it isn't uncommon for a horde of the beasts to be following a violent person who wields one of these odd items. [By some odd chance, the halberd has the exact opposite properties against trolls, it acts as a -1 weapon that does -2 damage.]

Other Weapons


Bone Whip by Sakeen the Bard
This particular item is a grisly thing. It is very simply a whip made from the forearm of a boy of twelve. Nearly a thousand years ago when there was an earlier civillization of Avanar there lived a group of brave, fearless natives. They were attacked one day by an army of the undead after a sleep spell was cast on the village. Only one boy, named Kulok, was left awake. With courage in his heart, he fought an army of undead; slaughtering dozens until he finaly fell in battle. By the time he fell, the village had awakened and the warriors destroyed the rest of the undead...but the wizard who'd raised them got away.

In honor of the boy's deeds, the rest of the tribe created the bone whip. They took his forearm with his hand, his hair from his head and tied the ends of the hair to the fingers of the hand. They then chanted and prayed for a week, asking the spirits of the world to help them; and so it was.

The whip instantly slays any undead up to the level of the user. It does twelve points of damage to any undead up to twice the level of the user. It is quite a "deadly" weapon and a bane of the undead.