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Current Rankings

Here stands the ranks of the DMs of the Guild. To learn how to get ranked in the guild, go Here. You will find out how much experience you recieve for each thing you do. Check yourself below:

DM Experience Rank
K P 2400 Recruit
Redswift S. Sunstar 2200 Recruit
Travis Murray 1900 Lackey
Super Jake 1900 Lackey
Roode 700 Lackey
Tim O. 400 Lackey
Bruno T. Guimar„es 400 Lackey
Justin 300 Lackey
Steven Nispel 300 Lackey
Mchorba 200 Lackey
Forimir Jones 200 Lackey
Steven Schonborn 200 Lackey 100 Lackey
Ehren Hawkins 100 Lackey
Kelly 100 Lackey 100 Lackey
James Spino 100 Lackey 100 Lackey