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The DMs of the Guild

Below is a list of some of the DMs in our guild. Feel free to cantact them with any questions! If you would like to be listed, please send an email to with a description including your name, what you play, how long, your age, and a picture, etc.!

James Faulkner Age 26 from Australia

Playing AD&D, D&D and a million other role-play games since I was 12. Personally I find D&D a little too unrealistic for good role-playing, but I play it anyway cause that's what my players want. I haven't played in many of the official D&D worlds, though I have done the temple of elemental evil as a player. I currently am completing a degree in medieval and ancient history, including lots of gnarly politics and warfare and Latin. I like to include it in my games to add a touch. I am also a wannabe novelist and a poet. Currently running a game set in a world of my own making, no name as yet. Prefer to ad-lib my games with a few basic background notes. I find the constraints of modular type D&D games too restricting to both the character and the DM in terms of dramatic potential. I like to encourage role-play not just monster bashing or problem solving, so the effect of drama on the party is of more importance to me than even the rolls of the die. By ad-lib I mean tell the story as it goes along. This way, I feel I can steer the players and their characters in the direction I want rather than allowing them to make stupid mistakes. It isn't an adventure if everybody dies in the first half-hour, nor is it the kind of game where afterwards everyone leans back, wipes their brow and says "Phew, that was intense...when can we play again???". It also means that I take into consideration the intentions of the players in an on-the-spot way. A downside of adlibbing is that my worlds tend to be less constant depending on the amount of background I have constructed and how stoned I am at the time, still, I have yet to hear a complaint about my style. email address: Feel free to ask me questions or whatever...hell even abuse me for being honest. What do I care???? As long as I have a story to tell and the lips hands and heart to tell it, I am happy! Email

Andy age 18

My name is Andy I'm 18 years old and I have been playing AD&D ever since I was 7. Mainly I DM campaigns in the Underdark world or rather I am the Drow expert in my house hold. That is where I mainly DM is in Menzzobranzin ( the Drow capital city). I also DM in Forgotten Realms. But I have been doing both for 5 years now. I am also currently working on finding out everything there is to know about the DARK SUN world. I also teach other people how to play so they can see that AD&D is actually quite fun. You can call it a Crusade against ignorance or rather against the Right Wing Christians who give this game such a bad reputation and so far I have been wining. So if any of you would like some of my advice, go ahead and E-mail me at Thank you. Email

Jonathan Smith from West Virginia, USA

I am Jonathan Smith, live in WA and have been gaming for approx. 15 yrs. I DM primarily in Greyhawk and have worked with Forgotten Realms although, primarily just playing there. I have some experience GMing Cyberpunk but haven't for quite a while. I have recently started acquiring the new Greyhawk stuff but don't have it all yet. Email





Moriath McLory

My name is Moriath McLory and I have been a player of AD&D and D&D since I was 10. I'm fifteen now and I live in Southern California I just recently started to DM and I have a big gaming session every October. I'm not as experienced as my older brother, but I'm getting there. Since I have barely any DM experience, I would like some helpful hints, so, please, email me with some tips. I would really appreciate it. THANKS! Email


My name is Dan, and I have been playing AD&D since the early eighties. I DM in my own world which is based on Greyhawk and the Underdark. I like to make my dungeons as complicated as possible, while still being fun. My players tend to hate me as I really like to put them in situations where they can easily be killed. Of course, I have learned that the players will never go where I want them, so they tend to get lucky sometimes. Email

Bill G from New York, USA

My name is Bill and I am 33 years old. I have been a DM for 18 years. My main game is centered in the world of Greyhawk and the campaign is almost 10 years old. I have also DMed Ravenloft and currently run a Darksun campaign as well. I currently am a player in a Spelljammer campaign, and have played Merp, Marvel Super heroes, Boot Hill, & Gamma World at some time or other. Greyhawk is my specialty and to this day still my favorite campaign world. I'm just a sucker for the Circle of Eight I guess, and I have role played those old arch mages to death (literally!) My gaming group is currently in the Bright Desert going after one Rary the traitor on behalf of the remaining members of the circle. Email

Evan from California, USA

Hello, I am called Evan, and I live in CA, in the northern part. I have played RPGs and board and card games almost all of my 14-year old life. I am a great lover of literature, and read a lot of Shakespeare, Dickens, and A LOT of Gaelic and Norse mythology. I subscribe to Dragon, and currently run a Dark-age Europe based campaign (my own world with Scottish, British, Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and other historic peoples mixed in) which includes many mythological monsters and magical items, which is rather fun at times. I currently game (as a player) in a forgotten realms campaign, and also GM Tunnels and Trolls, Shadowrun, Rifts, and Wrath: the oblivion. I am a lighthearted fellow most o the time, which is prone to dark swings (hence the playing of Wraith every now-and-then). I have been a GM for about 3 years and would love some tips on the art, as well as campaign ideas. I like to use miniatures in my games, and do so for AD&D and T&T. I would love criticism, support, and help! (I'm now using miniatures in my games; any advice is more than welcome!) May your dice always roll straight! Email


Greetings, I am Tellinusis, or Tim. I'm 17 and been playing since I was 10. I first got started with the old D&D, yes not the advanced stuff but the one where an elf couldn't be a thief. I've not a lot of experience DMing but playing. I've played in a little in Forgotten Realms, and Greyhawk. I've DMed about two campaigns and a single Monty Haul type campaign (meaning the characters advanced seven levels in one adventure). I've been playing AD&D for about three years but have learned a great deal, a very great deal. I've used the core rules and player option rules. Lately I have been playing/GMing Gamma World. Well then that's about it. Email

Paul from Israel

My name is Paul. I live in Israel since I was 10. I've been playing since I was 11 I think. I played lot's of things including: D&D, AD&D, Rolemaster, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020, World of Darkness Settings and I'm continue to test new things. I think that D&D/AD&D is a very primitive type of RPG but I still think that it's the best when you have to think about an adventure fast. I have a big problem with names (once I called a Lich - George) but I manage by reversing curses: Dratsab (Bastard) is a very frightening name. :) I really think that Tolkien's Elves are the best though not like most of the ppl I don't like "The Lord of the Rings" and only like the Noldor part of "The Silmarilion". Oh and I'm alive. :) Email

Jake Robins Age 14 from Canada

I have only been Dming for around 2 years now. My Alias is Mendahu, so you probably know me as the new webmaster of this site. I hope to bring many ideas to this site, and I hope you like them. I DM a bunch a friends in my High School, and have been since I started. I prefer creating my own realms, instead of buying them, but I still would like trying Forgotten Realms or Darksun. A noticeable trademark of My Realms is that all the cities have a "lyth" in their names, like Clyth, Polryth, etc. I am terrible with names. Anyway, Contact me if you have any questions! Email