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Creator: LordKailas
Creature: Shadow Creep

Climate: Any
Frequency: Very rare
Organization: unknown
Activity_Cycle: Night
Diet: unknown
Intelligence: Average to Highly
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Netural
Number_appearing: 1 (1-20)
AC: 6,7,8,9
Movement: fly @ 15
Hit_Dice: 1-4
Number_of_Attacks: 1
Thac0: 20,19,18,17
Damage_Attack: 1D4 +0,1,2,2
MR: Standard
Size: (M) man sized
Morale: elite
exp: 35,64,64,120
B1: Submit




see below


They wear dark cloaks and robes, making them appear to be almost
like magic users. Except that they have no faces, and when they die the only
thing that is left behind are their dark cloaks. Much like a dobbleganger they
have the ability to Alter their apperence at will, but only the 3 and 4 Hitdice
versions of these creatures have this ability. Because they fly they leave no
footprints and make no noise when moving, however, if they use thier ablity to
shape change they may then choose to leave footprints. also because their
essence is shadow
they have the ability to hide in shadows as per HitDice below
1 HD 80%
2 HD 85%
3 HD 90%
4 HD 95%


When forced into combat, blades appear which increase in size as the
creature has more hitdice, the 1 HD shadowcreep's weapons are about the size
and shape of a dagger, while the 4 HD have weapons that appear to be shortswords
both the blade and the hilt appear to be of the blackest metal, but in reality
weapons are but extentions of the shadowcreep themself, which means that there
is no
speed factor involved. It also means that their weapons cannot be lost nor
The shadowcreeps require thier cloaks to maintain their form and so if thier
are somehow removed, the shadowcreep imediately disperses taking 1 point of
it then however reforms as the following
1 HD 4 rds
2 HD 3 rds
3 HD 2 rds
1 HD 1 rd
Light also has an effect against them, any light spell that is cast against them
damage in the following manner, the level of the spell times the level of the
thus a second level wizard casting a light spell on one would do 2 points of
damage to the
creature, with saving throws applicable for half damage.


Very little is known about these creatures so far, it has been hypothosised
that they perhaps come from another dimension, but this has yet to be confirmed
since no one has
ever traveled to their place of origin and returned alive. They Have been seen
leaving through a
strange shimmering portal, but it is unknown what lies on the otherside. They
seem to be very one
minded with their goals, yet clever enough to fool the average person.
Espically since all of thier ablities make them to be the perfect thief. They
have also
on rare occasion now, been seen with "shadow knights" but at this time even less
is known
about these.



Shadow Knights and Shadow Creep Assisains