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Creator: LordKailas
Creature: Shadow Creep Assassin

Climate: Any
Frequency: very rare
Organization: unknown
Activity_Cycle: Any
Diet: none
Intelligence: Highly
Treasure: circumstantial
Alignment: Netural
Number_appearing: 1
AC: 9
Movement: 12
Hit_Dice: 6
Number_of_Attacks: 1
Thac0: 15
Damage_Attack: 1d6 +2
MR: standard
Size: (M) man sized
Morale: elite
exp: 975
B1: Submit


Backstab *4


see shadow creep


see shadow creep
the shadow creep Assassin
acts much like a doppleganger and rarely is seen in it's
natuarl form (only when fleeing via fly @ mv 12) and like
the weaker shadow creeps, when killed all that's left is a cloak
and any equip it had been using as part of it's disguise
the shadow creep assassin's hide in shadows is at 95%


the shadow creep attempts to infiltrate the party and then
backstab them at night when the group is sleeping, otherwise
it's combat is the same as a shadow creep, the assassin's
natural blade does 1d6 +2


see shadow creep



Shadow Creep, Shadow Knight