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Creator: LordKailas
Creature: Shadow Knight

Climate: Any
Frequency: very rare
Organization: unknown
Activity_Cycle: Any
Diet: none
Intelligence: very
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Netural
Number_appearing: 1-8
AC: 4,3,1,0
Movement: 12/30 when on horse back
Hit_Dice: 5-8
Number_of_Attacks: 3/2 rounds
Thac0: 14-11
Damage_Attack: 1d8 (+2,+3,+3,+4)
MR: standard
Size: (M) man sized
Morale: elite
exp: 270, 420, 650, 1,460
B1: Submit


attacks are reversed
(meaning they get 2 attacks
on the 1st round and 1 on the 2nd round)


see below


These Knights appear to be wearing full plate mail armour of
the blackest steel, and are fequently seen riding on the backs
of shadow steeds. They make surprisingly very little noise
despite their armor. When they are slain, the only thing that
is left behind is their armour which then quickly turns to dust
when exposed to sunlight. No faces are ever visiable, for they
have none and the armour appears to be otherwise empty.


When they engage in combat, they draw swordswhich increase
in size as the hd of the knight increases the smallest of
which use what appears to be long swords while
the largest wield what appear to be great swords, one handed.
both the blade and the hilt appear to be of the blackest metal, but in reality
these weapons are but extentions of the shadowknight themself, which means that there
is no speed factor involved. It also means that their weapons cannot be lost nor
taken. The shadowknights require thier amour to maintain their form and so if thier
armour is somehow removed, the shadowknight imediately disperses taking 1 point of
damage it then however reforms the following round.
Light also has an effect against them, any light spell that is cast against them
does damage in the following manner, the level of the spell times the level of the
caster thus a second level wizard casting a light spell on one would do 2 points of
damage to the creature, with saving throws applicable for half damage.

The shadowKnights are also capable of throwing up an aura of darkness once per
day about themselves, the darkness lasts for 1 turn and the area affected
which covers an area that follows
5 hd 30 ft
6 hd 35 ft
7 hd 40 ft
8 hd 40 ft

Attempting to capture a shadow knight is hard, they have a str.
equivlent of 16 and the more powerful ones (7 & 8 hd) are able to
make themselves incorprial allowing them escape bonds and pass
thru barriers unharmed.


When shadow knights are seen in the company of shadow creeps
tbey seem to be the ones that are in charge.



Shadow Creep. Shadow Creep Assisian