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Creator: LordKailas
Creature: Shadow Steed

Climate: Any
Frequency: Very Rare
Organization: herd
Activity_Cycle: Any
Diet: unknown
Intelligence: animal
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: Netural
Number_appearing: 1-8
AC: 0
Movement: fly @ 30
Hit_Dice: 1-4
Number_of_Attacks: 3 (hoof/hoof/bite)
Thac0: 15
Damage_Attack: (1d6+2)/(1d6+2)/(1d4)
MR: Standard
Size: L (6')
Morale: elite
exp: 35,65,120,175
B1: Submit


burning hoofs




Shadow steeds appear to be Nightmares, complete with burning
hoofs execpt that they are seen exclusively with shadow knights
and there is always a shadowKnight of equzivlent power on it's
back, exp. 5 hd shadowknight on 1 hd. shadow steed, also as
with the shadow creeps when slain the only thing left behind
is the horse's saddle, which then distenitgrates in sunlight


shadow steeds will fight with the shadow knight until they no
longer feel threatened, meaning that even if the shadowknight
on it's back is slain it will continue to fight any enemies that
are near it.
The shadow steed attacks by kicking with it's 2 forward hoofs
and biting. The hoofs are on fire and will ignite combustable


Since Shadow steeds are seen exclusively with shadow knights and
shadow creeps it follows that these beasts are found only in
the same place that the shadows live and are therefore not
found in the prime materal plane naturally. A shadow steed
is the same as a normal horse though and may be ridden as one
once the animal is calmed.