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Character Sheets

Here you can download any character sheet for yourself and your PCs. I have graded them on a percentage scale, 0% worst, 100% best. 

Material /60
Organization /20
Look /10
Bonus Points /10
Material includes the basics like name, abilities, etc. I have seen sheets that say name, powers, hp, and I have seen ones that take up an entire page for character background. Organization is the layout and how good (or bad) it is put together. Look includes pictures, catchy fonts, etc. Bonus Points are given if there is something really great about it, like use for other RPGs, etc.

Sheet Name Submitee Date Description
Sled's Adventuring Sheets Mendahu, Archmage 01/14/00 A small basic group of Character Sheets including the basic and a spell book (.DOC). RATING: 35%.