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Elf, Winged

by Mendahu, Archmage

Movement:12, Fl 24
Ability Adjustments:+1 Dex, -1 Con
Height: 55/50 inches + 1d10
Weight: 80/60 + 3d8 + 20 (wings)
Base: 100 + 5d6
Middle: 175
Old: 233
Venerable: 350
Death: 350 + 4d100
Ability Requirements:
Dex 6
Con 7
Int 8
Cha 8
Classes Allowed:
Cleric 12
Fighter 12
Mage 15
Ranger 15
Thief 12
Diviner 12
Enchanter 12
Specialty Priest 12 (If god permits)
Special Abilities:
All winged elves can fly at 24 movement rate and if they devote a proficiency to Fast Flying, they can double it as if they were running, as described in the DM Guide. Feathers regenerate but wing membrane doesn't (if cut off for exemple). Winged Elves also gain Elven Infravision, and Sleep/charm related spell resistance of 90%, and elven surprise bonus, and secret door bonus, and weapon bonus as described in the Player's Handbook.
Alignments Possible: Must be chaotic
PHYSIQUE: Winged elves resemble normal elves in all respect, except for their 12 foot wingspan of pink to white feathered wings. They are however, slightly lighter than elves for obvious reasons, but their wings even out the weight (Winged Elf bodies weigh lighter than normal elf bodies, but a winged elf's wings make up the difference, so they are almost the same).
BEHAVIOR: Winged Elves have to be the most chaotic of all the elves, and prefer to soar endlessly throught the sky instead of dealing with life issues. For this reason they are excellent specialty priests of Gods such as Aerdrie Faenya (Demihuman Dieties by Eric L. Boyd) and other Gods of Air Spirit and avians, etc.