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Giant, Half-Stoned

by Mendahu, Archmage

Ability Adjustments:+1 str, +1 Int, -1 Dex, -1 Cha
Height: 108 inches + 2d12
Weight: 3000 + 2d100 lbs
Base: 100 + 8d20
Middle: 1000
Old: 2000
Venerable: 3000
Death: 3000 + 2d100
Ability Requirements:
Str 10
Int 10

Classes Allowed:
Mage 10
Necromancer 12
Invoker 10
Fighter 14
Cleric 13
Specialty Priest 13
Special Abilities:
Half-Stone Giants have a base movement of 15 because of their long legs. Because of their Tough thick skin, they have a natural AC of 5. They get an Initial +6 HP at level 1 only. They can camoflauge in Rocky settings at 80%, and can suprise victims because of it, getting +3 to surprise. They can dig earth and stone with the right tools and incredible speed and effeciency. Alignments Possible: N, CN, CG, NG, NE, LN
PHYSIQUE: These giants have a dull gray colored skin with no hair whatsoever on their bodies. They are very built, and have extremely toned muscles. Their skin is about 5 inches thick, which accounts for the giant's weight and AC bonus. BEHAVIOR: Half-Stone Giants are generally reclusive and shy. They prefer to be alone but always seem to like company. They can be very mean and get angry quickly. They shun crowds and public events where many people show up.