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by Mendahu, Archmage

Ability Adjustments:+1 Dex, +1 Con, 1- Int, -1 Cha
Height: 55 inches + 1d12
Weight: 100 + 3d10
Base: 70 + 6d6
Middle: 160
Old: 220
Venerable: 315
Death: 315 + 5d20
Ability Requirements:
Str 6
Dex 8
Con 6
Int 4
Classes Allowed:
Fighter 11
Ranger 12
Thief 11
Special Abilities:
Satyrs have infravision up to 60'. They can camoflauge themselves with a 90% chance in Forest Foliage. They have keen senses inflicting a minus to penalty to surprise rolls. They can head butt with their horns for 2-8 damage. If the Satyr character spends 2 weeks training and proving himself in a Saytr Church ground, he can be granted a set of Magical Pipes. These pipes are used during encounters. If the encounter has comely females, the pipes can charm, if the encounter is relatively inoffensive, they can couse sleep, if the encounter is hostile, they can cause fear. The piping effects last for 1d6 hours or until dispelled. Anyone who saves vs. the Pipes, cannot be affected by the pipes again that encounter. Alignments Possible: N, CN, CG, NG
PHYSIQUE: Sayrs are half-human, half goat creatures. They have the torso, head, and arms of a man, and hind legs of a goat. They also have two horns jutting out of the forhead. They have tan to light brown skin and 1% have red skin. Their fur on their legs is brown. BEHAVIOR: Satyrs are goofy, aloft and fun-loving. They live for life itself and always enjoy perties, festivals, etc. They also like Dryads and Nymphs, as there are no Female Saytrs. They avoid confrontation if possible and prefer to forget troubles and make fun.