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by Mendahu, Archmage

Movement:9, Fl 18
Ability Adjustments:+1 Dex, +1 Cha, +1 Int, -1 Str, -1 Con -1 Wis
Height: 20 inches + 1d4
Weight: 12 + 1d10 lbs
Base: 15 + 5d20
Middle: 200
Old: 400
Venerable: 600
Death: Immortal (live forever)
Ability Requirements:
Cha 10
Int 10
Dex 10

Classes Allowed:
Mage 14
Enchanter 17
Diviner 13
Abjurer 13
Transmutator 13
Druid 10
Thief 13
Bard 13
Special Abilities:
Sprites can fly with their insect wings at 18 movement for up to 3 hrs, and then must rest for 3x the amount flying. Rest inlcudes walking slowly, riding horse slowly, sleeping, reading, etc. Sprites also have a natural Invisibility which they can use 1/day for 2 rnds/level. Because of their knowledge of Magic, they gain +1 saving throws vs. Spells. However Sprites are EXTREMELY vulneralbe vs. Posion, and recieve a -4 save vs Poison. Alignments Possible: N, CN, CG, NG
PHYSIQUE: Sprites are small people with elven type features, such as angled faces, pointy ears, slender limbs. They usually have silver to blond coored hair and blue to green eyes. They are about 2 feet tall. Their wings are about 3-4 feet in span and are those of a moth or butterfly, except they are translucent and membrane. BEHAVIOR: Sprites live for excitement, trickery and games. They love nature and hate all evil and ugliness. They will always be available for a laugh. They don't usually deal with demihimans, except for druids because of their neutral alignment and love of Nature. Others are much to serious.