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Aromatic Oils

Aromatic oils are a special type of magical oil. Like perfumes, their power comes from the scent released. All aromatic oils are inert until worn by a living creature. Once applied, the aromatic oil gradually begins to react, and after 1d4 rounds have passed, the scent's stated effect begin. In all cases, the creature wearing the aromatic oil is not affected, but other creatures (both friends and foes) within a 5' radius of the wearer are subject to its effects. Note that only those creatures with a sense of smell can be affected by a magical fragrance. These precious perfumes are commonly found in tiny stoppered vials made of glass, clay, metal, or wood. Only a small amount is required per use. Each vial contains sufficient aromatic oil for 1d10+10 applications.

Oil of Phosphorescence

A slight application of this oil will cause the user to believe that it is some other form of magical oil, generally oil of slipperiness. However, when it is fully applied to a living being's body, the user's skin will suddenly start to glow as if it were aflame. This bioluminescence is permanent, and can only be negated by a limited wish, a wish, or a remove curse cast by a cleric of 9th level or higher. The glow emitted from the body is usually a yellow-green color, and the affected individual is highly visible at night or against dark surroundings. All attempts to hide, short of covering oneself completely in blankets, hiding in another room, or going invisible, are doomed to fail.

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