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This is the Codex Of Arcane, Magical, and Mystical Items, also know as the Encyclopedia of Magic Items, or (even) the Encylopædia Arcanum. Whatever the name it is known by, this ancient manuscript is a result of the combined work of dozens of dedicated scholars, each contributing his or her Talent to that most noble of purposes: to further our understanding of Magic. What this tome contains is indeed a boon beyond measurement; for within its covers is as complete a listing as available to date of all magical and strange items. Unfortunately, as Magic is inherently unpredictable and current methods often prove insufficient to predict all possible outcomes, this Codex invariably will contain some errors, although hopefully none of agrevious stature. It is also important to note that many of those which contributed to the knowledge in this work have continued to advance the frontiers of Magical creation themselves, and will most certainly have encountered creations not mentioned in this Codex. Such is the travails of producing a work such as this. However, it is hoped that future publications by the Wizards Guild, in association with Magic Extraordinare! Publications, will keep abreast of this most exciting field. Welcome!

- from the original Codex, as translated from Tengwar.

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