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Unique Armours and Shields

Blue Shield

It is said that the marvelous Blue Shield was given to the priest Davi by his Power for his unswerving dedication to the welfare of his people. It was used by Davi to protect the peoples of Tur-Tur during the Mighty Calamity - soon after, it was lost when Davi was ambushed by servants of the Dark Lord. Several decades later it surfaced in the possession of a unknown traveler from the Wild Lands, who soon disappeared with it again. It is rumored that the Blue Shield remains in the Wild Lands, but as reliable sources of information from that area are extremely difficult to find, the truth of these rumors cannot be verified.

The Blue Shield appears as a pointed medium shield +3, 3' tall and 2' wide, that is a bright blue in color with a picture of two intertwined silver snakes upon it. It may only be carried by a neutral good cleric of at least 10th level who has been exemplary in his treatment of those less fortunate than himself. It functions as a normal shield in anyone else's hands. The shield confers complete immunity to all forms of disease, parasitic infection, insanity, and mental illness, including magical ones such as feeblemind. Healing from injuries is at 10 times the normal rate, provided the shield is within 50 yards. The shield can cure light wounds at a touch, up to 10 times per day, but only once on any given creature in a 24 hour period. Lastly, all allies of the cleric gain a +2 bonus to morale for as long as they are within 50 yards and the shield is prominently displayed.

Jade Armor

Constructed for the mighty champion Wilks Freehand by the mage Syre, jade armor looks like a suit of full plate armor, but is composed completely of dark green jade. The exquisite craftsmanship of the master jeweler Jur Deflothorin is evident in the flawless match of the individual pieces of the jade armor. Nonetheless, it is magic that holds the armor together, for without the enchantments that Syre placed upon it, the pieces would fall apart.

The suit was passed down through the royal house of Freehand, until it was captured during the sack of the City of Lights by the forces of the dark mage Ferni. Ferni gave it to the demon Gorlog in exchange for service; Gorlog took it back to the Abyss upon the completion of his service.

It remained in the Abyss for several centuries, until discovered there by a party of adventurers trapped there by the demon lord Argoz. They successfully escaped from the Abyss, and brought the jade armor with them. It was later sold to an adventurer, Kiril of Cormyr, who was last heard from 3 decades ago. His whereabouts, and if he still possesses the armor, are unknown.

Jade armor provides protection equal to full plate +3. When the visor is closed, the wearer can see with infravision and ultravision out to 120 yards, and the suit produces a continuous supply of breathable air, allowing the wearer to breathe underwater and providing immunity to all gas-related attacks. In addition, all damage received from acid, cold, and fire-based attacks is reduced by half.

The main power of jade armor is its ability to absorb and re-channel electrical energy. The armor absorbs all electrical attacks upon the wearer and stores the energy. This stored energy dissipates at a rate of 1 point per round. While there is still remaining energy stored in the suit, the wearer may elect to release some or all of it in one of two ways: in a lightning bolt or in a shocking grasp (cf. the magic-user spells of the same name). The lightning bolt does 6d6 points of damage, and uses 20 of the stored energy points; the shocking grasp does 1d8 points of damage and uses up 5 energy points. If an insufficient number of points is left in the suit, nothing happens. The wearer is never aware of exactly how much energy is left in the jade armor; only a general feeling of the remaining power is conveyed.

While the suit has remaining electrical energy stored, it glows with the effects of a light spell. This glow is not under the control of the wearer, and may not be dispelled or commanded to dim. However, it is subject to normal means of concealment; i.e. covering with a cloak, a darkness spell, etc.

The non-metallic nature of the suit make it immune to rust monster attacks.

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