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Buildings, Structures, And Furnishings

House of Zebulon

This magic item is a small stone cube, painted with a door and windows. When the owner desires, he may cause a doorway to appear. Stepping through this doorway carries the person and anyone or anything with him inside the cube to a small apartment of six rooms. Here the person may stay for as long as he wants. He may leave the house at any time by stepping out through the same door. Once a week, he may project the doorway to any location he is familiar with as in the spell teleport.

Igor's Inner Sanctum

This small box (6" x 6" x 6") is sealed with blobs of wax with symbols impressed. (No magic can be detected.) If the seals are broken, the box vanishes forever and a little man appears. He is 4' tall and has thinning hair, a paunch, a round grinning face with a subservient expression, and a voice like Peter Lorre. The little man will grin at the party, then look in another direction and say, "Oh! How nice! Thank you, master!" He will follow the party around, periodically looking into space and asking plaintively, "Now master?" or "Can I, Master?" or "Please master?". On a roll of 1 on 1d6, he will kick a party member in the shins, trip someone, jog their elbow, etc. (On each attack, there is a 50% chance that he will prevent the party from being caught in a trap, attacked by a monster, etc. this will always look accidental.) If 4 turns pass without a favorable die roll, he will begin to whine "Master, you promised!" or he will do something anyway and then cringe and whine "but you didn't say not to, master". He will dodge all attacks successfully, and is 100% magic resistant. Detect spells and true sight, etc., reveal nothing. Nor can his `master' ever be detected. Igor will follow the party for 11-20 (1d10+10) days unless he finds something or someone that he would prefer to pester. There is a 10% chance per encounter (cumulative) that he will follow the person or monster encountered. (I.e., on the first encounter he has a 10% chance to switch, on the second, a 20% chance, etc.) Adjustments for party members' charisma are left to the DM.

Mirror of Sending

This magical mirror will show any scene known to the user. Objects, but not living creatures, can pass through it; spells, however, cannot pass through it. Each turn in which the mirror operates expends one charge. The mirror can have a total of 100 charges. It is rechargable.

Mirror of Travel

A mirror of travel is a large, obviously valuable, highly reflective silver mirror bordered in gem-encrusted gold. These magical items each function only when set into a sturdy wall. There are two different types of mirrors of travel.

The first type of a mirror of travel allows any character knowing the proper command word to place his hand upon the mirror, speak the word, and envision any place he has previously "seen casually" (as per the spell teleport in the Player's Handbook). An image of that place appears in the mirror, and the character is teleported there, arriving as if the place had been "studied carefully" (again, as per the teleport spell). The image stays in the mirror for three rounds after the character departs, and during this time anyone touching the mirror similarly teleports to the area it presents. This device is quite fragile and will break (and become useless) if it fails a saving throw against any attack form. The first type of a mirror of traveling can reveal and send its viewer to places only within its own plane of existence.

Although indistinguishable from the first type, the second type of mirror of travel is a vastly superior magical item that requires an intelligence score of at least 18 to operate. Teleportation through this device is without error, and the mirror's activator may take any number of characters with him, as long as their hands are linked at the time of departure. The destination's image in the mirror disappears instantly after teleportation. This mirror is just as fragile as its lesser cousin and is activated in the same way.

Additionally, the second version of a mirror of travel can function as a crystal ball with twice the usual viewing time and frequency, and it accrues no penalty when viewing into planes that are one removed from the one containing the mirror. It allows travel to once-removed planes as well, provided the mirror's activator has previously "seen casually" the place to which he wishes to teleport. This item must be set into a sturdy wall, or it will not function. It may only be used by magic-users.

X.P. Value: 4,000/8,000
G.P. Value: 15,000/50,000

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