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Suit Armor

Animated Armor

Although it looks like and provides the protection of normal plate armor, this suit is enchanted with two functions. Once per day, upon the exertion of extreme effort, it automatically adds to the wearer's strength. The extent of augmentation is 10 points, with each remaining point adding 10% after 18 is reached, 1% after 18/90. Characters with an initial strength greater than 18/00 will have a single point added to their strength score. The additional Strength lasts for 5 rounds.

The second function is automatically in force when the suit is unworn. A rudimentary intelligence comes to awareness, and will follow instructions, provided they are not too complex. Note that anyone may program the suit, so if the owner removes it without giving it orders, he may be asking for trouble. The suit's mind understands combat well, and will battle as a 10th-level fighter if ordered to (after which it must rest for a full day before using any of its powers).

Once, and only once, the owner may call upon the suit to perform extraordinarily. The extent of this extraordinary use is left to the DM's discretion, but acceptable examples would be: carrying an unconscious owner from the battlefield to a place of safety, performing a single act requiring up to 22 Strength, or climbing a 100' cliff. It will perform the duty (subject to the DM's decision), but will then fall to pieces, which can be reassembled by a armorer into serviceable, but mundane, suit of plate armor.

Armor of Blending

This armor appears to be a normal suit of any other type of armor (determine type randomly). However, upon a command, the armor changes shape and form, assuming the appearance of a normal set of clothes. The armor retains all its properties (weight, encumbrance, protection, etc.) when disguised. Only a gem of seeing or a true seeing spell will reveal its true nature when the armor is disguised. Fully 50% of all armor of blendings are +1 in power; 40% are +2 and but 10% are +3.

X.P. Value: 1,000 + 500 per plus
G.P. Value: 5,000 + 1,500 per plus

Armor of Command

This finely crafted suit of full plate armor radiates a powerful aura of magic. When worn, the armor bestows a dignified and commanding aura upon its wearer. The wearer is treated as if he had a Charisma of 18 for all encounter reactions. Friendly troops within 360 feet have their moral boosted by +2. Otherwise, the armor functions as a suit of full plate +1. Since the effect arises mainly from the distinctiveness of the armor, the wearer cannot hide or conceal the suit and still have the effect function.

Armor of Rage

This suit is identical in appearance to the armor of command and functions as a suit of full plate +1. However, when worn, the armor causes the character to suffer a -3 penalty to all encounter checks. All friendly troops within 360 feet have their morale lowered by -2. The effect is not immediately noticeable.

Death Knight Armor

This is the enchanted magic armor worn by the dreaded death knight (q.v. Fiend Folio). It appears to be solid black plate armor, with various adornments and engravings. This armor provides protection equal to field plate +2; however, the main advantages of this armor lie in the magical enchantments place upon it by the creator of the death knight (rumored to be no less than the demon lord, Demogorgon). Such is the construction of death knight armor that it has the same encumbrance and movement characteristics as elven chainmail; i.e. weight 15 lbs, non-bulky, and base move of 12. Also, the armor absorbs damage as per normal field plate armor, but with no cumulative damage limit. Finally, the armor provides 15% magic resistance.

Suits of this armor are intrinsically linked to the planes of the Abyss, and must be exposed to the radiations thereof for at least one full day each year, or the suit will fall to pieces, losing all value.


This armor looks like a version of scale mail that has been painted a bright color. In reality, though, the armor has been fabricated from the scales of a dead dragon, and the color of the armor indicates the type of dragon used to make it. Dragon-mail is very lightweight and flexible, and thus highly prized. For purposes of encumbrance, movement, and weight, treat it as magical elfin chain mail. Dragon-mail varies in its protective power, according to the type of dragon used to make the suit. Each kind of armor also provides protection against certain attack forms. All suits of dragon-mail add +3 to all saving throws as per a ring of protection. The table below summarizes the various types of dragon-mail:


01-15 Black 2 1,500 15,000
16-30 Blue 0 2,250 25,000
31-45 Brass 2 2,250 25,000
46-51 Bronze 0 4,500 45,000
52-60 Copper 1 3,250 35,000
61 Gold -2 8,000 70,000
62-73 Green 1 2,250 25,000
74-82 Red -1 6,000 55,000
83-85 Silver -1 6,000 55,000
86-00 White 3 1,500 15,000

Reduced Damage from:
Color Acid Cold Electricity Fire Poison Gas
Black 1/2 - - - -
Blue - - 1/2 - -
Brass - - - - 1/2
Bronze - - 1/2 - -
Copper 1/2 - - - -
Gold - - - 1/2 1/2
Green - - - - 1/2
Red - - - 1/2 -
Silver - 1/2 - - -
White - 1/2 - - -

Platemail of Fear

This fearsome armor functions as normal platemail +1. However, it is imbued with 2-4 fear charges. Upon uttering a command, a charge is spent and the wearer radiates a 30' aura of fear. All creatures within the aura must save vs. spell or flee in panic for 2-5 rounds. When all charges spent, the armor functions as normal platemail +1. It cannot be recharged.

Prismatic Armor

Appearing as any metallic armor (chain or better), this magical armor shimmers and flows with one or more of the prismatic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. The suit acts as armor+2 of the appropriate type. In addition, the prismatic color(s) apparent provide protection against various kinds of attacks. Consult the following table to determine the appropriate prismatic colors and their benefits:
Roll Color Benefit
01-11 Red Immune to non-magical missiles
12-22 Orange Immune to magical missiles
23-33 Yellow Immune to poison, gas, and petrification
34-44 Green Immune to breath weapons
45-55 Blue Immune to detection/location and psionics
56-66 Indigo 50% magic resistance
67-77 Violet Halve all physical damage
78-00 - Roll again twice

On a result of 78-00, roll two additional times, ignoring duplicate colors. It is possible to roll 78-00 multiple times, having 3, 4, 5, 6, or even all 7 colors. All effects are cumulative for suits with more than one color.

X.P. Value: 2,000 + 1000 per color
G.P. Value: 7,500 + 5,000 per color

Tess' Armor

This is a set of bright red plate mail, field plate, full plate, or bronze plate, decorated with yellow flames. It functions as armor +3, has no encumbrance, and any heat or fire attack does half usual damage. Whenever the wearer has cause for anger he must make a Wisdom Check at a +7 penalty or the suit will burst into flame for 1-4 rounds. During this time any person touching it will take 1-6 points of damage and any weapon must save vs. magic or melt. The wearer and his own weapons, et al. are not affected, and the wearer will not see the flames or be aware that anything unusual is happening.

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