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Piece and Partial Armor

Brassard of Strength

This magical piece armor looks like a single plate armor arm. When inspected closely, it is shown to be of extremely fine steel, with joints that move almost flawlessly. The brassard acts a full plate armpiece +3, and has the added power to enhance the wearer's strength in the arm it is worn on. Thrice per day, the brassard of strength will increase the wear's strength to 24 in that arm only. The strength increase lasts 1 turn. The increase provides a bonus when using a one-handed weapon in the armored hand, when attempting punches, opening grates, etc. with one hand, and any other action only requiring the use of one arm. Thus, picking up a heavy object with a ring in it is possible if the rest of the character is braced against something immovable, while pulling apart the iron bars of a cage requires the use of the other arm and is thus not possible. If a matching pair is somehow obtained, then a much wider variety of actions may be undertaken if both are used simultaneously. 75% of these magical armors are for the right arm.


These magical helms were created for warriors who wished to have some of the special aura and powers of dragonkind. All such helms appear to be normal metallic helmets until worn; then they take on their true form of steel, with inlays of precious metals and gemstones. Some of these helms have dragon-like features or engravings on them. All fighter types, clerics (but not druids), and bards are able to wear these helmets.

When worn, a dragonhelm confers infravision on the wearer to a range of 60', and the wearer's senses are so heightened by the helm's powers that invisible, ethereal, astral, out-of-phase, and hidden objects become detectable at a range of 10' per user's level (if multi-classed or dual classes, the user's highest level as a fighter or cleric is considered).

The wearer may also radiate fear once per day at will. The aura will cause all beings (even allies) within 120 feet to save vs. spell, with wisdom bonus applicable, or flee from the wearer in terror for 3-12 rounds. This fear aura has no effect on beings with six or more hit dice/levels.

The helm counts as +3 armor (or +3 to the AC 1 afforded by a great helm for armor pieces) against all head-directed attacks (such as those made by vorpal weapons), and saves as hard metal with a +3 bonus to the die roll. It does, however, have certain disadvantages. Because certain items like dragon scales and bone are incorporated into the helm's making and the helm draws power from them, certain elements of a dragon's personality will begin showing up in the wearer. After keeping it in continuous use for one month (putting it on every day, even if for only a moment), the wearer will begin to hoard money and valuables, refusing to part with the smallest copper piece unless absolutely necessary. The wearer will spend less and less on equipment, food, and clothing. Instead, the wearer will try to get other people to purchase such items, or may turn to theft and robbery if the character is neutral or evil. The wearer will also be less likely to respect or even listen to the opinions of others, will grow increasingly egotistical, and will tend to want to lead rather than follow. After the wearer uses this item continuously for two months or longer, he must make a saving throw vs. spells each time the dragonhelm is donned or become permanently afflicted with megalomania.

Another disadvantage is this: If the wearer comes within 120 yards of a true dragon, the wearer will find such a creature irresistible and will obey the commands as if charmed. This effect usually ends immediately if the helm is removed, but if the wearer has used the helm continuously for more than one month, the charm effect will last for 1-4 days even after the helm is removed. If the wearer has megalomania, the charm is permanent.

Dragons generally know all about dragonhelms, and sometimes leave them lying about in their treasure hoards for unwary adventures to find and use.


When first found, this helm appears to be any other sort of normal steel helmet; it radiates magic, however, and faint runes may be seen on the inside of the helm. The consecutive casting of read magic and comprehend languages spells will inform the reader of the general nature of the helm, but not its disadvantages. A bard's legend lore ability or a spell such as identify, wish, or the like will also work in this fashion.

Any non-psionic character who is allowed to wear metallic armor can use this device. The wearer gains the ability to generate a psionic blast (attack strength 101 points) up to three times per day, but only once in any single round. The wearer will also find that the helm grants the use of certain psionic disciplines for as long as it is worn. The disciplines granted vary from one harrowhelm to another:
01-50 One devotion, usable with 15 strength points per day.
51-85 Two devotions, usable with 30 strength points per day.
86-98 Three devotions, usable with 45 strength points per day.
99-00 Two devotions and one science, usable with 45 strength points per day.

The specific psionic disciplines for a helm may be randomly determined or assigned by the DM. The level of mastery at which these powers operate equals one-half the current wearer's level (or one-half the highest level, if multi-classed), rounding down. Thus a 1st-level character cannot make any use of this helm beyond psionic blast generation until he reaches 2nd level.

The wearer of the harrowhelm is also immune to all psionic attacks except for psionic blast, but the helm grants +6 bonus to saving throws against this attack form.

The harrowhelm has two disadvantages. First, it attracts the attention of all psionic creatures within a half-mile radius as soon as it is put on (whether or not any of its powers are immediately used). Though it does not necessarily anger such creatures, it will be easy for these beings to locate and track the helm wearer as long as they stay within this range; they need only concentrate mentally to do this.

The second disadvantage manifests itself when a psionic character puts on the helm. The unfortunate wearer will immediately be attacked by a 100-point strength mind thrust. The helm's magic will also neutralize any psionic defense; disability may result from this attack (see the DMG, p. 77, Psionic Attack Upon Defenseless Psionic). This attack will repeated at the start of every subsequent round, though the wearer may remove the helm at any time to prevent more than one attack.

Leggings of Speed

Appearing to be nothing more than a normal pair of either leather (75%) or chain mail (25%) leggings, in reality they are leggings +2 with a special power. Whenever a character is either pursuing or fleeing an enemy, they double his movement rate until he either catches or evades the enemy. Leggings of speed do not increase speed for normal exploration, and once the enemy has been caught/evaded, the character returns to his normal movement rate.

Vest of Steel

The vest of steel is a magical piece of armor that is counted as armor (magic-users can't wear them). It gives the wearer an armor class of 1, and may be worn over normal non-magical ring, studded, padded, or leather armor. It does not affect thief functions other than incurring a 10% penalty for moving silently. For armor pieces, the shoulders, chest, and abdomen are AC 1, and the rest of the body is AC 5 if no armor is worn, or +3 to the regular AC of the other areas.

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