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Shield of Defending

This small shield is approximately 11/2' in diameter, and made completely of polished steel. Anyone picking it up will be amazed at its light weight (2 lbs.). This is a shield +3, and it allows the wearer to parry one attack per round without losing either the shield bonus or a weapon attack.

Shield of Warding

This medium round shield is about 21/2' in diameter, and is made of fine oak, with a leather sheathing on the front. The enchantments placed upon the shield make it as tough as steel. If it is used by anyone other than a druid or ranger, it functions as a shield +2. In the hands of a ranger or druid, it acts as a shield +5, and the word "garzath" appears on the upper rim of the shield when wielded. If the ranger or druid speaks this command word, he immediately becomes invulnerable to normal missiles and may move as a blink dog for 1 turn. This function may be used twice per day.

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