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Backpack of Convenience

This very well-made backpack will adjust its size to fit the wearer. It has been enchanted so that whatever the wearer is thinking about will be readily available at the top. Each time the wearer reaches in, however, there is a 10% chance that the wrong item is brought up. It does not hold any more weight or volume than a normal backpack.

Black Flame Candle

Like the spell of the same name, a black flame candle burns in reverse. It produces cold, darkness, and oxygen, while growing all the time. The candle may be cut into segments, but only the uppermost one will retain the magic. Note that if the atmosphere of an enclosed space gets too oxygenated, humans can get quite giddy, although it causes no real physical harm.

Chain of Subspace

This is a chain of mithril/iron links with a clasp on each end; the size varies. This may either be found as a large chain (20 feet long, each link 3 inches diameter) or as a bracelet. The large chain will always be unclasped, the bracelet will always be clasped. When the large chain is laid in a circle and clasped it will change to the bracelet size, and any objects or people inside the circle (and up to 40 feet above) will be teleported to subspace and place in partial time stasis. For them no objective time will pass in relation to aging, spell duration, bleeding to death, etc. When the bracelet is unclasped the full size chain and its contents will reappear.

Chains of the Rune of the Chain

These dull black chains and bracelets were constructed to allow the imprisonment of any magic-using classes. They are 100% magic resistant and drain all magic spells from any spell-using class. Spell users are drained of any and all spells, and must recuperate and study or pray before being able to perform magic again after being released. The chains can be removed only by the use of a mundane key.

Danelor's Dungeon Chain

Hundreds of years ago, there lived a great wizard named Danleor who created dozens of sets of magical dungeon chains, which he used to confine his numerous and unusual enemies. Some of these enchanted shackles have survived the centuries to the present.

Individual sets of chains vary in power and effectiveness; the stronger ones are noticeably thicker and sturdier than the weaker ones. The iron chains and shackles are built to confine any creature from hill giant size to halfling size, and Danleor's dungeon chains are so heavy on a captive that he is almost totally immobilized. To determine the strength of the chains discovered, roll on the following table:

d100 Result
01-30 Restrains up to 17 strength
31-60 Restrains up to 18/00 strength
61-90 Restrains up to 19 strength, prevents captive from becoming gaseous
91-97 Restrains up to 19 strength, prevents captive from becoming gaseous, escaping to the Astral or Ethereal planes, teleporting, or using dimension door
98-00 Restrains up to 20 strength, prevents captive from escaping by any means short of a wish

Danleor's dungeon chains are much too heavy to be thrown or otherwise used as weapons. Anyone aside from the chains' captive may open the magic shackles, if he knows the command word.

In some of Danleor's ancient records, which are now kept by an isolated clan of elves, there is mention of strange types of dungeon chains which are actually sized to hold larger giants. To date, however, no such chains have been discovered.

Extendible Rope

This looks to be a normal rope 10' long. When one end is held and the command word spoken, the rope will grow from the other end at 10' per round until the holder commands it to stop or reaches 100' of growth (making the rope 110' long maximum). The new growth may be cut into any length desires; it will be normal rope. If the original 10' section is cut it loses all magic.

Faerie Lasso

This rope is silver colored, and is actually made of hair that is 50' long. Upon command the rope can: stretch up to 4 times its length, tie or untie, or move like a snake (move 12). Anyone bound by it must obey the rope's holder/current owner. It dislikes ordinary ropes and if tied to one will wait until no one else is looking, untie itself and slither off 25-125' to sulk - it will not obey again until its owner apologizes.

Flag of Fear

This is a black flag, approximately 2' by 4', with a strange sigil embroidered in silver thread on it. When held aloft during a battle, all units within 240 yards of the flag must make a morale check. Units friendly to the bearer check at +2, while enemies check at -2. This item has no effect when used any place other than a battlefield.


A lesser and more benign use of the power of spatial folding, the foldbox is nothing more than a large container, possessed of many different-sized storage spaces. The standard type, described in most texts, has one each of the following compartments:

12' x 6' x 4', 6' x 4' x 3', 4' x 3' x 2',
3' x 2' x 1', 1' x 6" x 3", 6" x 3" x 1"

The great utility of the foldbox lies in its ability to get smaller as it is folded up. Its maximum deployment will expose all of the compartments at once, while the minimum shows only a fine wooden box (lidded) the size of the smallest compartment. A skilled user can get to any of the spaces without exposing any others. No matter how much material is placed in the foldbox (keeping in mind the constraints of volume), it will never weigh more than the weight of the box that is presently exposed (excluding contents). If this exceedingly tough box should somehow manage to be destroyed, the resultant explosion is equal to a 10-dice fireball.

McDonnell's Mill

Appearing as a ordinary hand-powered grain mill, this magic item radiates a strong alteration aura. When normal meal grains (barley, wheat, corn, rice, etc) are poured into the Mill's hopper and the crank is turned, a very fine flour-like substance is produced. When baked into bread or other food, it has several effects: all exhaustion due to physical exertion or lack of sleep is dispelled, 4-10 hit points are immediately restored, and the character consuming the food is fully nourished. McDonnell's Mill uses 5 lbs of grain to produce 1 lbs of magical flour. Each pound of flour yields 5 servings when mixed with 1 quart of water. 10 lbs of flour can produced before the Mill ceases to function. This may be continuous or interrupted, but once the total usage reaches 10 lbs, the Mill stops and will not function for 10 days. For every 24 hour period of non-use, the Mill gains 1 lbs of capacity back.

Mug of Plenty

This device is a large clay beer mug. When a command word is spoken, it immediately fills with light or dark ale or thick mead, as the user wishes. When drained, the command word will cause it to fill again. While not particularly useful on adventures (although you never know... ), this is perhaps the most popular magical item among the isles.

Multiversal Box

A cardboard box bearing the logo of the Multiversal Trading Corporation. This is a `knock-down' type corrugated box - usually found folded flat. When it is refolded into the shape of a box, three small printed circles may be noticed on the inside bottom - just the right size for coins.

If a coin is placed on one of the circles, it will vanish and a voice will say "Hello, Multiversal Trading Company - Catalog Order Department. May we help you?" Thereafter, when the correct number of coins (gold, silver, etc) are placed on the circles, they will vanish and the ordered item will appear in the box.

Exactly which Multiversal Services and Products are available via the box is, of course, the Dungeon Master's option and may change hourly (since Import-Export rules are always subject to change). Tariffs require 25% surcharge for delivery, a policy of cash sales only and no appraisals, analyses, message services, or sales of magic items.

These boxes are not available on the open market. They are supplied by Multiversal to preferred customers only. Each box will normally (95%) function properly and deliver the correct item in good condition. However, if the box has been damaged, the chanced for fumbles will rise (i.e., once the box got wet and Pietro used it when it was only 85% dry. This gave 20% for a fumble, and it did - Pietro's new blanket arrived soaking wet. This made the box 50% wet again... ).

Nadar's Everfull Safety Lamp

This item looks like a normal oil lamp, and is always full. Engraved on it is the words "Nadar Mfg". This lamp never runs out of oil, may be adjusted to illuminate any radius from 5' to 60', or to send a beam as narrow as desired (minimum 1' diameter at end for every 10' length of beam). It has the following safety features: shatterproof (saves as stone), cannot spill in any position, cannot explode, cannot ignite any other object (flame produces no heat).

Wheel of Keening

This enchanted sharpening wheel makes a pleasant, almost musical sound when used. Any normal blade sharpened by this device gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage for one round when next used in battle. The magic lasts one day or until the blade is used for normal cutting or carving. The blade itself does not radiate magic even while the bonus is in effect. It has no effect on magical blades.

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