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Amulet of Charming

Anyone viewing the amulet is favorably disposed to the wearer (saving throw vs. spells negates the effect). Furthermore, the wearer's charisma (and comeliness if used) are raised three points while the amulet is worn. The added charisma points are lost when the amulet is removed, possibly affecting creatures' reactions if they would not normally be friendly to the wearer.

Amulet of E'Nezbit

This trap is a 1-inch crystal jar on a gold chain to be worn as an amulet and gives off continual light. This is a jar of endless honey. When the crystal stopper is removed and inverted, it will drip excellent honey at the rate of 1d8 quarts per hour (approximately 1d4 oz. per minute). When worn as an amulet it cures the wearer's worst fault (party must vote on which fault is worst) - sending him to such excess in the opposite direction that all will want him back as he was (i.e., a drunkard becomes a prohibitionist, etc.).

The only way to remove the amulet is for all who voted on the worst fault to lift it at once - or by a wish or a remove curse cast by someone twice the level of the wearer.

Amulet of Finding

This item appears to be much like other magical amulets. Anyone who wears one of these may see through the eyes of the wearer of the amulet's twin. Each amulet has one mate or twin and is attuned only to that other one. If an amulet's twin is not being worn by another, then when the wearer searches for the other end they will find nothing. If an amulet is tied in a small sack while worn around someone's neck, the wearer of the amulet's twin will see only blackness when the other end is sought after. If one of a pair of amulets is destroyed then the mate amulet becomes non-magical.

Amulet of Pain

This is a small amulet with a single word inscribed on it. This word is really a power word, pain. All creatures within 20 feet of the user must save vs. Rods when the power word is intoned, or else suffer wracking pains for 2-8 rounds, causing them to fight at -4 to hit, and making their AC worse by +2. The power word can only be used once per day and and the amulet must be held in the hand for the power word to work.

Amulet of Protection from Sleep

When worn on a chain or cord around one's neck, this object prevents its wearer from falling into any sort of sleep, whether normal or induced magically. The wearer is always alert under its influence, and cannot be affected by a sleep spell, potions or poisons that cause sleep, the sleep gaze of a jacklewere, or any other item or procedure that causes sleep or drowsiness.

The amulet of protection from sleep can be worn as long as desired. But, after three days of continuous use, the wearer will begin to have mild and infrequent hallucinations. This effect increases in intensity and frequency on each day thereafter until after seven straight days of sleeplessness, the user will contract a form of insanity, as determined by a roll of 1d6: 1 = dementia praecox, 2 = delusional insanity, 3 = schizophrenia, 4 = paranoia, 5 or 6 = hallucinatory insanity (DMG pp.83-84). The hallucinations will stop immediately if the amulet is taken off before seven straight days of use, but if the wearer is stricken by insanity, this condition will persist until removed by a heal, restoration, or wish spell, or similar magic. If the amulet is worn for ten consecutive days, the wearer will die as soon as the tenth day has passes. No magical cures will offset this effect, and the character can only be brought back to life by a raise dead, resurrection, or wish spell.

The amulet does not provide a substitute for sleep, it merely postpones the need for it. A character who goes without sleep by using the amulet will eventually have to make up for this deficiency. In making up lost sleep, a character need not always sleep for one hour for every hour he has missed; instead, only one half-hour of `makeup sleep' is required for each hour missed.

This advantage does not apply when the deficit is a full night's sleep (8 hours) or less; in such a case, the lost sleep must be made up on an hour-for-hour basis. If the wearer has lost 16 hours of sleep or less when the amulet is removed, he will be able to remain awake on his own for up to one hour thereafter, as long as he is engaging in daily strenuous physical activity.

The amulet may be worn by a member of any class, and will function continuously and indefinitely without needing to be recharged.


This magical device looks like a cross with a loop on the top and is made of pure gold. Its power is to heal any creature touched, one creature per round. It has 3-18 charges before losing its power forever.

Bracelet of Swimming

This bracelet is made of gold and is set with small pieces of jade. Its apparent value is 250 gp. It is actually a semi-powerful magic item which gives the wearer the same swimming abilities as those given by gauntlets of swimming and climbing. Note that no climbing abilities are given and that any character may use this item.

Bracers of the Merman

These devices will allow the wearer to swim at a constant speed of 18 for up to 6 hours once per day, and at a speed of 12 indefinitely. The bracers also confer water breathing upon the wearer for an indefinite period. They do not, however, allow one to use fire or wield weapons underwater as one could on the surface. The bracers appear to be ordinary wrist guards or arm guards; they contain no engraving or other elaborate decoration. As with all magical bracers, both must be worn by the same character for their magic to work.

Brooch of Alchemy

This brooch is made of amethyst, that is carved with an alembic pattern. This brooch aids in the identification of potions and their ilk. By placing the brooch into a potion, this brooch gives the owner a percentage (his wisdom + 15) of identifying the potion correctly, or just allows the identifier more obvious clues when tasting.

Brooch of Begoning

This item appears to be a decorative pin set with rubies, worth about 2,500 gp. However, it has distinct magical properties and can be used by a character of any race and class. Each brooch has 1-50 charges.

Once per week, the brooch allows the wearer to teleport himself plus an additional 750 lbs. to any part of the Prime Material Plane familiar to the person. This power drains two charges. Up to three times per week ( but never more than once per day), the wearer can blink (as per the 3rd-level magic-user spell), except that the distance of displacement is of the wearer's choosing. This power drains one charge. Once per day, the wearer can become invisible (as per the spell). This power uses no charges.

Furthermore, the brooch acts as ring of protection +1 so long as the wearer has it on his person and wears no other form of magical protection or armor. The brooch may be worn with bracers of defense, however. No charges are drained by this ability.

Elven Bracelets

These are bracelets woven from green vine. The vine possesses natural magic, which enables it to locate thin cracks and breaks. The wearer is able to locate secret doors by placing his hands against the wall, floor, etc. The range is 20' in all directions. Percentage of success will be the same as for an elf actively searching.

Necklace of Alteration

This mystical item appears to be a cheap necklace, like any other sort of magical necklace, until put on. It then turns into a chain of silver with twelve small globes of unidentifiable material suspended from it. Each globe appears identical to the others, but if a globe is pulled free of the necklace (which may be done in one round), the globe turns into a particular type of material and the wearer's body takes on the appearance and armor class of that substance. Though an identify spell, wish, or similar magic effect will reveal something about the nature of the necklace, no magic will be able to divine which globes of the necklace will have which effects.

Each of the twelve globes has a different effect. Once removed, a globe cannot be replaced on the necklace; its effects last for 2-8 turns and cannot be dispelled. Only after one globe's effect is ended can another globe be removed from the necklace. The necklace cannot be removed while its wearer is under the effect of one of the globes, except by the casting of remove curse or wish, in which case the entire necklace will vanish - but the effect currently taking place will still run its course. The necklace can be taken off, exchanged, and put on at will as long as one of the globes is not activated at the time. Anything being worn or carried by the user of the necklace that normally affects his armor class will be overridden by the effect of a globe for as long as that effect lasts.

When a globe is pulled from the necklace, the DM should roll d12 and consult the following table to determine the composition of the globe and the armor class bestowed on the wearer of the necklace, as well as the wearer's temporary skin and hair color. Re-roll to prevent duplicate results, perhaps using smaller die (d10, d8, etc.) when several of the globes become used up.


Material & Color
1 Sandstone; light brown 8
2 Mithril; blue-silver 0
3 Gold; gold 6
4 Iron; dull grey 1
5 Platinum; silver 4
6 Granite; dull grey & red 3
7 Coal; dull black 9
8 Salt; dull white 10
9 Bronze; bronze 2
10 Adamantite; green-silver -1
11 Lead; dark grey 5
12 Wood; brown 7

The necklace of alteration can be worn and used by any member of any character class or any humanoid of S or M size. Once used, the globes are generally worthless except as curios. The globes of gold, platinum, mithril, and adamantite have values of 1, 5, 20, and 50 gp respectively.

Necklace of Bad Taste

Though sages argue that this item is more correctly called a necklace of tasting bad, the common name has stuck. This appears to be a magical necklace of unspecified nature until fastened around someone's neck. Immediately, the necklace causes the wearer to emit a terrible odor from his skin. All characters and most monsters within a 10' radius of the wearer will become so uncomfortable with the smell that they must save vs. poison at +2 or become nauseated and unable to attack or defend themselves for 1-4 rounds. Even if the save is made, those within the 10' radius will suffer a -2 penalty on all to hit rolls for as long as they remain in that area.

The real value in owning such a necklace becomes apparent when one is attacked by a monster that bites at prey. The necklace affects any living creatures that is native to the Prime Material Plane. If a monster meeting that description bites the wearer of a necklace of bad taste, the monster will immediately suffer an attack of nausea (no saving throw) and will be unable to attack again for 2-5 rounds (though the creature can flee at half normal speed). That monster will not again bite the person wearing the necklace, but claw, tail, or missile attacks may be used if such are possible for the attacker. One of every four of these necklaces are cursed so that they cannot be unlocked from the wearer's neck once fastened in place. Only a wish will remove a cursed necklace of bad taste.

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