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Acme Ring of Invisibility

This plain bronze ring is inscribed with "Ring of Invisibility" and "ACME Ring Co." When it is worn, the ring becomes invisible - it has no other function.

Ring of Animal Magnetism

Once placed on a character's finger, this ring allows communication with all animals as if the wearer had an 18 charisma. The wearer may speak with animals for as long as the ring is worn, though the ring does not allow the wearer to charm animals in any manner. Only true animals (mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, etc.) may be spoken to in this manner; magical `monsters' are not affected. For the purpose of this ring, assume that any creature capable of using magical spells is a `monster.' Thus, a pegasus, owlbear, or worg is an animal, but a unicorn, bugbear (because clerical bugbears exist), or a winter wolf is a monster. The wearer may try to convince animals to work or fight for him, and reaction is checked as if the animals were randomly encountered humans. Animals will not attack the wearer of the ring unless attacked first, even if they are hungry.

However, 10% of these rings are cursed to draw any and all animals within one mile toward the wearer. The animals then surround the wearer and refuse to move, blocking the wearer's path in all directions. If the wearer of his party attacks any animals, all animals attack the wearer at once. If the ring is removed (requiring a remove curse spell), the animals revert to normal, and either attack (1-2 on d6) or flee (3-6 on d6).

X.P. Value: 1,000; Nil if cursed
G.P. Value: 5,000; 1,000 if cursed

Ring of Annulment

While this ring is worn, magic controlled by the character has no effect. This includes magical items, spells, and innate magical powers. Spells cast at the character from an outside source, however, act as normal. Thus heal or fireball affect the wearer normally, but the ring-wearer cannot cure his own wounds using magic.

A remove curse must be cast upon the ring in order to allow the wearer to remove it. A dispel magic has a 1% chance per level of the caster of negating the ring's powers for one round, allowing the wearer to remove it.

Ring of the Bard

This rare magical ring, when worn by a character other than a bard, acts a ring of protection +2. It can be recognized by the engraved golden vines encircling the band. When placed on the finger of a bard, it retains it protection properties, but with a bonus. The ring then serves as a ring of protection +2, +4 saving throws. It also raises the bard's charm percentage by 10%. This magic item is usually found in a wilderness or forest area.

Ring of Begone and Forgotten

This small silver ring is always found with other treasure. When it is put on, the wearer must save vs. spell or be transferred somewhere very far away indeed (DM option: may be another planet or plane... or another DM's world). The victim also loses his memory and the other party members forget the victim. (He loses specific memories only - his level, spells, skills, etc. remain.) Only the stark naked victim is transferred: all clothes and equipment stay.

This is a good way to add treasure to your world, get rid of annoying player-characters without killing them and give blase high-level characters the challenge of starting over.

Beogard's Mystic Shield Ring

Upon a command word from the wearer, this ring brings into existence a transparent force shield. The force shield may be wielded just a real shield would be. Only those normally able to use a shield may benefit from Beogard's mystic shield ring. In addition to adding its value to the armor class of the wielder, it also adds to saving throws as a ring of protection. Some shield rings also possess magic resistance; these are the most highly prized of all. 80% of these rings produce a buckler-sized shield, while the other 20% produce a round, medium shield-sized force field. Roll below to determine the power of the ring:

01-40 +1 1,000 5,000
41-70 +2 1,500 7,500
71-90 +3 2,000 10,000
91-00 +4 2,500 12,500
01-66 0% 0 0
67-81 5% 500 2,500
82-90 10% 1,000 5,000
91-96 15% 1,500 7,500
97-99 20% 2,000 10,000
00 25% 2,500 12,500

Add the values from the two tables to find the total worth of the ring.

Brass Rat

This unusual ring is made of solid gold. It has a small picture of a beaver on the top, and various dates and pictures on the sides. A brass rat confers the skill of one non-weapon proficiency (randomly determined for each ring). It also has several powers, the effects of which differ depending if the ring is worn with the beaver facing away from or towards the wearer.

If the beaver faces the wearer, the wearer may use the non-weapon proficiency, but at a +2 penalty. (If the wearer already has the proficiency, the penalty still applies.) The wearer is able to go with significantly less sleep than usual; as long as the ring is worn, the wearer need only sleep 4 hours every other day and still feel refreshed and energetic.

If the beaver faces away from the wearer, the wearer may use the non-weapon proficiency with a -4 bonus. Additionally, Intelligence is raised 1 point (18 maximum), but Comeliness is reduced 2 points (3 minimum).

In both cases, the wearer has an effective Charisma of 18 to persons with the same profession, but suffers a -4 penalty to Charisma for all others.

Ring of Circular Curses

This ring is only usable by mages. At first glance this ring looks simply ornate and is inscribed with "Power to Curse." A closer look shows two gold rings entwined around each other. Closer yet, and the two are shown to be a single band, looped twice. The wearer may cast a curse spell once a day, but the curse will affect him as well as his target. (Ring cannot cast the reverse.)

Ring of Clairaudience

This ring's gem is a small amethyst with a normal value of 100 gp. The amethyst is easily separated from the ring; it can then placed in a location on which the owner wishes to eavesdrop. A pick pockets roll allows a thief to secretly slip the amethyst into the clothes of another character. Any character can hide the gem in an empty room, barring extraordinary circumstances.

Whatever is said with 60' of the amethyst is magically transmitted to the ring itself, and the words are then heard by the ring wearer alone. The ring-gem connection has a range of 1 mile, but only transmits sounds that could be heard by a normal human in the same location of the amethyst.

Ring of Command

A ring of command commonly has 3-30 charges when found. The ring has the following abilities, only one of which can be used at any one time:

This ability duplicates the first level clerical spell, command. Creatures with an intelligence of 13 or better (highly intelligent and above monsters) or with more than 5 HD or levels are entitled to a saving throw vs. spells. A command uses up one charge for every round the command is in effect. For instance, an orc could be told to `die' and would stay `dead' (unconscious) for five rounds if five charges were spent.
Charm person:
This power is the same as the first-level magic-user spell charm person. Two charges must be spent to charm a character, and an additional charge per day must be expended to continue the spell each day thereafter. The victim is allowed a saving throw vs. spells to negate the charm. A character using a ring of command can expend another two charges to try again, of course, in the event of spell failure.
This ability is similar to the third-level magic-user spell suggestion. The target of a suggestion is allowed a saving throw vs. spells, as with the charm person above. A suggestion costs two charges and lasts for one hour. More charges can be spent for additional hours, at the rate of one per hour, as desired.

All of these powers only work on the humanoids listed in the Players Handbook under charm person, and their counterparts in the Fiend Folio and Monster Manual II. The ring cannot be recharged.

Ring of Damage Absorption

This ring is usually found as a platinum ring set with a blue diamond, and is most often found near a mutilated body! The ring detects as magic but does not reveal other details. While wearing the ring, the user takes no effect whatsoever from anything (weapons, spells, poisons, etc.). Any effect or damage is stored within the ring (no limits). When the ring is removed (or falls off), all damage, spells, etc., are released on the former wearer. The ring can be removed without releasing damage only by casting a dispel magic and a remove curse at the same time that the ring is removed (and even if this is done, all damage, etc. still will remain stored in the ring).

In stress situations, the ring has a tendency to slip off the finger of the wearer (will fall off on a 1 on 1d12 - how often to roll is up to the DM). The ring cannot be fixed in place by any means! If a glove is worn over the ring, the glove will fall off also, even if the glove is sewn or tied to a shirt sleeve, etc. Also, the ring will be highly coveted by thieves for its obvious value. Because the ring holds every spell whether good or bad means that damage taken can have a cure light wounds, heal, etc., cast after them (or before) and will be released simultaneously with any and all damage which was stored. This way damage that would put a character below -9 and cause death can be cured with the ring on, and when the ring is removed the healing is subtracted from the damage before the character takes it.

Death Ring

This nondescript gold ring is really a horrible item. Upon donning the ring, the wearer is instantly killed (save vs. Constitution allowed, success indicates 2-20 hp of damage). Unless the ring is removed from the dead character's finger within 1 turn, the character will be irrevocably lost and may not be raised or resurrected.

Ring of Distraction

This ring appears to be a normal ring of any other sort. In combat, this ring is capable of generating a sudden burst of light and sound that is perceived only by one opponent in melee with the ring-wearer (including those firing or hurling missile weapons within a 60' range). The burst of light and sound is seen/heard by no one else, and the target victim is designated by the ring-wearer's mental commands. This distraction causes the attacker to gain a -4 penalty on all attacks for the current round. If the opponent saves vs. spells, the penalties reduced to a -2 `to hit' result. This attack is made at the start of the melee round, regardless of all other circumstances, as it is a mental command. The ring may be used in this fashion up to five times per day. Once placed on a finger, the ring reveals its powers to the wearer.

One out of five (20%) of these rings do not operate on a conscious mental command, however. These rings simply generate their flash and sound burst for the first five melee rounds in which the wearer is involved in combat in a day. As a result, the wearer might not immediately be aware that the ring is having any effect at all, though the ring-wearer's opponents may appear to act strangely. Another 5% of these rings are cursed (and cannot be removed without a remove curse spell) to cause the flash and noise burst to affect the wearer himself and no one else.

X.P. Value: 1,000; Nil for cursed
G.P. Value: 5,000; 1,000 for cursed

Ring of the Drow

This item is made of eight strands of different unique metals entwined to form a ring. The drow found it troublesome when their magical items deteriorated upon leaving their underground homeland for long periods of time; to combat this, they created this ring. The ring of the drow is only made in the drow homelands by clerics of Lolth. Its purpose it to keep drow-made items the wearer possesses from deteriorating. To do so, the ring radiates an aura of magical energy that duplicates the radiations deep in the drow homelands. This aura only affects the wearer and the wearer's possessions. As a side effect of the ring's magical aura, a detect magic spell reveals the wearer to radiate magic strongly. In addition, a detect evil shows the wearer of one of these rings as evil, and a know alignment indicates that the wearer is chaotic evil, regardless of the wearer's true alignment. If the wearer uses the psionic power of aura alteration to try to change the aura, the wearer must save vs. spells or else change alignment to chaotic evil. If the wearer saves, or if the wearer fails to save but is already chaotic evil, the psionic power functions normally, and the ring's aura is temporarily changed.

To posses one of these rings is considered an honor among the drow, because it signifies that the wearer has traveled far from the homeland, and that he or she was aided by a cleric favored by Lolth. Drow will kill any creature other than a drow who possesses one of these rings.

X.P. Value: 1,000 to drow; Nil to others
G.P. Value: 5,000 to drow; 1,000 to others

Ring of the Eagle

This ring allows the wearer to shapechange at will into a giant eagle for an unlimited period of time. All of the wearer's worn or carried possessions (except live beings) are merged with the giant eagle form and will be unusable while the ring wearer is in that shape. The user may fly for up to 12 hours non-stop, but will suffer exhaustion effects thereafter, losing 1 hit point per turn until he stops and rests for 3-6 hours.

Ring of Fashion

The ring of fashion, when commanded with the proper word, immediately dresses the user in any sort of clothing the character can dream of, short of true armor of any sort (all costumes are AC 10). One out of 10 all such rings allow the wearer to create heavy clothing that can be counted as padded armor (AC 8). Unfortunately, there is also a 1% chance that the ring will create a completely random set of clothing that lasts for 1-6 turns before fading. Such clothing appears in place of any other sort of clothing worn when the ring is activated. No metallic or metal studded armor can be worn by the user when the ring is activated, or else the ring will not function. Magical metallic items of small size, such as rings, bracers, or jewelry, do not affect the function of this device. However, magical and normal suites of leather or cloth armor will vanish once this ring is activated, returning only when the ring's effects are dispelled or negated. All magical girdles, boots, cloaks, and the like will likewise vanish and return later. The ring will return the wearer's original clothes upon a second utterence of the command word.

Ring of Fighter Power

The ring of fighter power appears as a small silver ring, that is very battered. Any round when the magic-user chooses to activate this ring, he can fight as well as a fighter of the same level, using any weapon. The limit is ten rounds per day, but they need not all be used at once. Even if the user is under haste, etc., he cannot cast spells or use any object not usable by fighters during any round the ring is activated.

Ring of Fire Starting

The beauty of this ring is obvious under even the most casual inspection. Its band is forged from a bright, silvery metal and has an intricate bas-relief of an ancient fire-tending ceremony carved into its surface. The stone is a 5,000 gp diamond and glows with a faint inner light. When it is worn, a slight sensation of warmth can be felt emanating from it. If the wearer touches the stone to any combustible substance and speaks the command word, the material must save vs. magical fire or burst into flame. The material need not be entirely dry or pure, and the conditions do not have to be temperate in order for the ring to function. This ring has an unlimited number of uses. It is in itself immune to all fire- and heat-based effects, magical or otherwise.

Ring of Flight

This magical ring looks exactly like any other magical ring. When worn, however, it allows the wearer and up to 600 lbs. of weight to fly at will, as per the third-level magic-user spell. The ring may be used for up to two cumulative hours of flight per day. If worn in flight past that limit, the ring ceases to function and the user immediately falls. One feather fall spell (cast at 12th level of experience) may be used from this ring per day, in addition to the powers of flight; however, the wearer should note that the feather fall spell has a duration of 12 segments, slowing the wearer so that he falls only 144' during that time. Thus, this spell should only be called upon when the wearer is about to strike the ground, or else he will fall again when the spell's duration expires.

Ring of Flying

This magical item uses charges. It may have a maximum of 50 charges. This ring will allow the user, or anyone else touched, to fly as the magic-user spell for 13-18 (1d6+12) rounds per charge. The movement rate is 12 horizontally, 24 downward, and 6 upwards. The user of the ring controls the movement, so an opponent touched (who fails a saving throw) will be able to be lifted into the air at the users commands, and be dropped at any time.

Ring of the Grasshopper

While wearing this ring, a character weighing up to 300 lbs can jump (as per the magic-user spell) once per turn for a number of times equal to his/her strength score. (A strength of 18, with or without an exceptional rating will allow for 18 jumps per day.) If the wearer of the ring of the grasshopper attempts to jump more often than allowed by his strength, he must save vs. paralyzation each time he lands. Failure to save indicates that (s)he suffers leg injuries, causing 10-40% damage (1d4 x 10% (e.g., 30% is rolled and character has 35 hp then 10 (10.5 rounded down) points of damage are taken)) and reducing the victim's movement rate to 3. A character injured in this manner will find running, leaping, and other strenuous activity involving the legs to be impossible for 6-36 hours afterward, unless a heal spell is applied to neutralize the ill effects.

Ring of Health

Wearing the ring of health brings many benefits. The wearer is allotted the ring's set constitution, in as far as it pertains to health, recovery of hit points, ability to consume amounts of liquor, and system shock and resurrection percentages; this does not, however, pertain to hit points conferred by a high constitution whenever a level is attained. For example, wearing the ring of health (constitution 16) would allow 96% chance of successful revival if the wearer is killed, while a ring of health (constitution 19) would give a +1 on saving throws vs. poison. Neither ring gives the wearer any additional hit points. The ring must be worn for at least a week before the wearer gains its benefits. No benefits are realized by placing such a ring on a dead person in a attempt to revive him. The type of ring is determined by rolling percentile dice and consulting the table below:


01-45 15 1,000 5,000
46-90 16 2,000 6,000
91-95 17 3,000 7,000
96-99 18 4,000 8,000
00 19 5,000 9,000

Ring of Infravision

This magical ring can appear as any other type of ring magical or otherwise. The ring of infravision gives infravision to anyone wearing the ring. The range for this infravision is 60 feet, and can be dispelled by any spell which nullifies infravision, or any light source within sight of the wearer of the ring, because the ring will only work in total (or very close to total) darkness. It has not effect on creatures already possessing infravision.

Ring of Languages

This ring is basically a limited version of the ring of tongues. Instead of gaining the abilities of the ring of tongues, the wearer gains a number of languages conferred by the ring while the ring is worn. The wearer not only understands these languages, he is also able to speak, read, and write the languages as if they were his native tongue. Note that once the ring is removed from the finger, the wearer loses the ability to understand the languages the ring possesses.

It is possible, however, for a character whose intelligence has increased (thereby allowing the learning of one or more additional language), or for a character with the ability to learn another language, to learn a language possessed by the ring merely by wearing it. This process requires the wearer to wear the ring consecutively for one month, after which time (due to the magically accelerated ability to learn) the character understands the language entirely, without the ring's further assistance. Only one language may be so learned at a time.

The number of languages possessed by a ring is determined by rolling 2d4; the languages are picked from the table listed on page 102 of the Dungeon Masters Guide or from a language table of the DM's own devising. A roll of 86-00 on this table indicates either a common tongue, an alignment language, the thieves' cant, or the druidic tongue, as determined by the following table. Duplications on this table are merely re-rolled.

01-60 Human (common, foreign, or other)
61-70 Lawful*
71-80 Neutral*
81-90 Chaotic*
91-95 Thieves' cant
96-00 Druidic tongue

*Ones digit: 1-3, Good; 4-7, Neutral; 8-0, Evil.

Ring of Lightning Resistance

This ring functions exactly like a ring of fire resistance except that it protects the wearer from electricity.

Ring of Limited Telepathy

These rare magic rings appear only in pairs. This ring combination allows the wearer to communicate telepathically with the wearer of the other ring only, though these are restrictions on this. These rings have a telepathic range of 2,000 miles, but function only when both rings and their wearers are on the same plane of existence.

These rings are normally made and enchanted for a specific pair of users - for example, for a husband and wife, a pair of allied adventurers, or a brother and sister. Notice that in each case, one partner must be male and the other female. This function on the enchanting, which enhances sympathetic feelings between such pairs, capitalizing on gender attraction as well. Also, because the rings are enchanted for a specific pair of wearers, the chance of two persons randomly finding such rings and being able to use them is almost nil. A remote chance exists that two persons of the same gender who are very closely allied or related (e.g., twins, friends or lovers who have been together for at least 10 years, a parent and a child, etc.) can make use of these rings, but the effective range is reduced to 500 miles, and there is a 20% chance per day that the rings do not function for that day.

Successful use of these rings allows each wearer a +4 saving throw against any type of psionic attack, psionic discipline, or magical effect which affects the mind and will of the wearer. This includes all charms, dominations, possessions, suggestions, and holds as well as fear, quest, confusion, etc. The use of ESP or telepathy by another person against the wearer of such a ring will immediately reveal the use of such rings to the scrying character. However, if the saving throw against the attacks mentioned above is failed, the ring wearer's partner (who might not be present during the attack) must save vs. spells at +2 or else suffer the same spell or psionic effects. Thus, if a ring-wearer was subjected to a scare spell, the other ring-wearer must save vs. spells at +2 or else be scared as well. Use the Wisdom Spell Immunities table in Legends and Lore to determine which spells are applicable in those cases. In the event of dire need, such as when one ring-wearer is unconscious, dying, or in great pain, a strong feeling of distress is felt by the partner. By complete concentration, the partner can determine the distressed ring-wearer's location. This takes a full turn to complete. If one ring-wearer is slain, the partner must save vs. spells (with will-force bonuses) or else pass into a coma for 2-20 hours.

Ring of Magic Detection

This magical ring, which is always made of gold, has the ability to allow the user to identify magical items as having a magical property. The dweomer detected will not be identified as of type, what the magical properties are, or how to use the item.

Ring of Magic Resistance

This ring is usually a small iron band engraved with silver script. The ring confers magic resistance upon the wearer. Note that this does not add to any innate magic resistance, nor does it add to that gained from other magical devices (e.g. robe of the arch-magi). In the latter case, only the strongest magic resistance functions. Half of all these rings give normal magic resistance, while half give incremental resistance (cf. daemon). Rings of magic resistance typically provide from 12-50% magic resistance (2d20+10).

X.P. Value: 500 + 100 per 1%
G.P. Value: 5,000 + 500 per 1%

Ring of Neutralization

This magical ring can be employed by any character class. Its sole function is to protect the wearer from the effects of a predetermined magic-user spell. Each ring has the ability to totally negate any damage or ill effects from a given specific spell, as noted in an inscription on the ring itself. A ring of fireball neutralization, for example, allows a character to stand in the center of a fireball blast and be totally unharmed. A ring of neutralization uses a charge every time a spell's effects are nullified. A typical ring of this sort, when found, has 4-16 charges. It can only be recharged by a 12th-level magic user or higher, to a maximum of 20 charges, but this requires a prolonged and costly ritual (1 day and 1,000 gold pieces per charge). A charge is lost from the ring for each predesignated attack made on an individual wearing it. A magic missile or Melf's Minute Meteor spell forces rings matched for those spells to use a charge for each missile stopped. For example, if four magic missiles are negated by a ring of magic-missile neutralization, then four charges are used. A ring of neutralization only nullifies one specific spell. For example, if a character is wearing a ring of cone-of-cold neutralization and is the target of an ice storm spell, he takes normal damage from the attack.

Spells with similar effects are nonetheless considered different for the purposes of using this spell-dedicated ring; a delayed blast fireball does normal damage if a character is wearing a ring of fireball neutralization. Similarly, a character wishing protection from lightning bolts, ball lightning, and a chain lightning spell would require three different rings. Only the person wearing the ring of neutralization is immune to that spell's effects. Anyone else caught in the area of effect takes normal damage or suffers the effects of that particular spell.

Ring of Permanent X-Ray

This trapped ring of silver with gold inlay, has 2-11 (1d10+1) charges. On all but the last charge, it functions as a normal ring of x-ray vision. On the last charge, it makes all the soft tissues of the user's body invisible (i.e., everything except the bones and teeth). The user still functions normally, he just looks like a skeleton. Effect is permanent.

Ring of Phantom Form

The user of this ring can disperse his body's molecules at will, so as to become totally intangible. This ring does not allow the user to become invisible, as he will appear to be translucent in form. (Rings of invisibility and phantom form cannot be used together at the same time. The spell invisibility can be successfully cast upon the user of a ring of phantom form, however). An intangible character cannot be hit by normal weapons, but is affected normally by weapons with a +1 or better magical bonus. An intangible character cannot physically attack, but may cast spells. Heat, cold, electrical, and energy attacks (ball lightning, fireball, blizzard blast, magic missile, etc.) affect an intangible character normally. The user of a ring of phantom form can move through screens, pipes, and other narrow apertures at a movement rate of 12. If a character fails a saving throw against any magical attack form which can harm him, all carried items must likewise save vs. that attack form or else be destroyed.

Ring of Protection from Charming

This is a special limited-charge ring based on the 8th level spell Serten's spell immunity (+9 vs. beguiling, charm, suggestion; +7 vs. command, domination, fear, hold, scare; +5 vs. geas, quest). It operates automatically to ward its wearer, and the protection from each charge lasts a full 16 turns. It protects only the wearer, and cannot be recharged. It may have a maximum of 12 charges.

Ring of Quick Action

A ring of quick action enables a fighter, cavalier, barbarian, ranger, or paladin to gain the initiative at the start of a melee, regardless of any other factors, including the condition of the opposition. The ring can be used 2-20 times in this manner before it runs out of charges and becomes useless. Expending a charge is an automatic action requiring a mental command at the start of a melee round.

Ring of Range Extension

This item allows any spellcaster (including rangers, paladins, and the like) to voluntarily extend the range of any spell cast, save those spells with ranges of 0 or touch. Each such ring contains 2-40 charges and cannot be recharged. Each charge used increases the range of any spell cast by the amount listed as the normal range. Thus, if one charge is used, the range is doubled; two charges triple the range, three quadruple it, and so on. A ring of range extension may be successfully used on a spell cast from scrolls or other magical devices, but cannot be used to cast a spell into a plane other than that which the user currently occupies.

Ring of Rapid Regeneration

This ring acts just as does the ring of regeneration for the first two days worn. After the two days have elapsed, the character wearing the ring will regenerate one hit point per round instead of per turn as the normal ring. If the ring is taken off for any period of time for any reason, the two day `waiting' period must start over, thus a character may not discover the difference if (s)he continues to take off the ring to help heal a companion. A side effect of this ring is that the character also ages twice as fast as normal while the ring is worn (including the two day waiting period). This includes the unnatural aging effects of some creatures (such as ghosts, etc.).

Ring of Serten's Spell Immunity

Once per day, this ring can generate one Serten's spell immunity spell, duration 18 turns. The wearer can use the effect on himself, or share it with other characters as explained in the spell description (Player's Handbook 2, page 192).

Ring of Shape Changing

This ring commonly possesses 3-30 charges when found. Each of the charges expended allows the wearer to shape change as per the 9th-level magic-user spell. The wearer of this ring may change back to his original form at will, without expending a ring charge. However, there is a 2% chance per shape assumed that the wearer permanently assumes the form of the thing into which he changes. In this event, the character stuck in an unfamiliar form can only regain his former shape by having dispel magic, limited wish or wish cast upon him.

Ring of Telepathic Communication

These are two finely wrought rings carved from a single gemstone, rarely found near each other. These rings are attuned to each other so that their wearers can hold telepathic conversations - from any plane, any distance, etc. If the wearers share no common language, they may still communicate simple ideas and feelings. If one ring is not being worn, the wearer of the other will receive a general idea of where the empty ring is: direction, distance, etc.

Ring of Teleportation

This enchanted ring commonly has 3-30 charges when found. The ring's gem is a deep blue spinel worth 500 gp if sold as an ordinary gem. The gem is easily separated from the ring and placed anywhere to which the ring's user wishes to be transported at a later time. By expending one charge, the wearer of the ring is teleported without error to a safe location within 5' of the spinel. The gem can be retrieved and reused as long as the ring retains at least one charge. If no safe location exists near the location of the gem (say, if it is buried under 10' of earth or is inside a burning building), the ring expends four charges and nothing happens. The gem must be obtained in order for the ring to work again.

Ring of Tongues

The wearer of this magical ring can understand, read, write, and speak any language known by any creature within 30' of the ring, as long as the creature stays within the area of effect. Two rings of this sort within 30' of each other automatically cancel each other out. Additionally, it is possible for a character wearing this ring to learn a language (where this learning is warranted, as by an increase in intelligence or similar circumstance) from another character as expressed in the rules regarding language learning; half the normal time for this is required. (For further info, see page 34 of the Player's Handbook.)

Ring of Truthfulness

This magic ring is similar to, but more powerful than, a ring of truth. Most often found in the form of an unadorned band of copper or silver this ring is a scourge to all forms of deception. The ring allows its wearer to detect lie automatically and also acts as a true seeing spell up to three times per day upon the wearer's mental command. The ring has certain side effects that may manifest themselves upon the wearer. Any character wearing a ring of truthfulness cannot knowingly lie or participate in a deception without immediately suffering 1d4 points of damage and having his vocal cords paralyzed for 1-10 rounds, rendering the character mute for that length of time. Also, if the wearer is a spellcaster, any illusion/phantasm spells cast while the ring is worn will automatically fail.

Ring of Ultravision

This simple-looking ring confers normal ultravision (120 yard range) upon anyone who wears it continuously for 1 day. The benefits of the ring will only be realized after a full day has passed with the ring on; if the ring is taken off, if only for a single round, then it must be worn for an entire day before it will function again. It has no effect on creatures already possessing ultravision.

Ring of Vapors

The origin of these unique rings, of which but 10 are known, is greatly disputed, but most mages agree that a powerful figure among the air elementals had a hand in its creation. The ring appears as a small circlet of misty vapors that continually shift and change; the ring, however, is solid. Any character wearing the ring gains the following abilities:

Fly (Move 12) At will
Stinking cloud 1/day
Obscurement 1/day
Wind walk 3/week
Wind wall 3/week
Aerial servant 3/week
Cloudkill 1/week
Summon aid from the Elemental Plane of Air* 1/month

*Wearer's alignment good - djinni; wearer's alignment neutral - 8HD air elemental; wearer's alignment evil - mihstu.

All spell effects are at 16th level of ability. Summoned monsters will remain with the summoner for only 4-16 rounds, after which they will depart. Summoned monsters will not attack the summoner unless attacked first, and they act in a friendly and helpful manner during the time they are present. A side effect of this ring is that the wearer receives a penalty on saving throws verses fire, against which he saves at -2, and takes +1 damage per die. It is possible that the maker of these few rings is still hunting for them.

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