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Miscellaneous Weapons

Arrow of Bow Breaking

This arrow appears as a normal arrow +3. When nocked on any bow and pulled back as if to fire, will cause the bow to break, no saving throw is allowed for normal bows. Magic bows get a saving throw of 10% per plus of the bow, and additional 15% per major special ability of the bow, and 5% per minor special ability of the bow. If a bow has a normal plus and also a different plus against special creature then the highest plus is used.

Arrow of the Magi

This common arrow is usable only by the magic-user class. The arrows are normal except that they have hollow metal heads. Spell components may be placed in the cavities in the head and the spell cast on the arrow. When the arrow strikes, the spell is released on the target (save vs. magic as per spell). Impact damage is 1d2 for S,M and 1 point for L creatures. If the magic-user fires the arrow himself it is as if against AC 9 (modifications at DM's discretion).

Arrow, Spell

These arrows have tips made of folded parchment. Each arrow has a spell sealed in its parchment. When an arrow hits, the spell is released on the target. They do no damage other than the spell. Effects are immediate as if cast at 7th level of ability. If anyone tampers with the scroll spell the effects are released upon him.

X.P. Value: 200
G.P. Value: 100 + 100 per level of the spell


A shabby looking dagger that on rare occasions (randomly determined) causes a small fiery blast for 6d4 damage when it strikes its target. The weapon is not damaged by this.

Blood Claw

This throwing dagger is +3 to hit and damage. Upon hitting a creature that is possessive of blood as life force (i.e. not undead or slimes or crystalline or stone creatures, etc.) the dagger will automatically grow barbs and burrow itself to the hilt inside the target. Every round after the round in which it has struck, the dagger will drain an additional 2d4 hp until the creature dies or the dagger is removed. Removal of the dagger will cause the victim an additional 3d4 hit points due to the extensive barbs.

Bolts of Lightning

Also called thunder bolts, these bolts appear to be normal bolts until fired from a crossbow. After being shot, a bolt of lightning becomes a 7-foot long bolt of lightning with a range equal to the maximum range of the crossbow which fired it (e.g., a bolt fired from a heavy crossbow has a range of 240 yards, and a bolt fired from a light crossbow has a range of 180 yards).

These bolts are +2 to hit and do 4-16 hp damage if they strike a target. A save vs. spells is applicable; if the save is successful, only half damage accrues to the creature struck. Furthermore, all creatures within a 15' radius of where this magical bolt hits must save vs. petrification or be stunned for one round due to the ear-piercing clash of thunder which accompanies the strike.

Bolts of lightning are usually found in numbers ranging from 2-8. They are also often found mixed with normal bolts or with magical bolts of other types.

Bow of Accuracy

The bow of accuracy is a simple yet effective missile weapon. The magic properties of this bow are a +3 bonus to hit and damage; likewise, all ranges within normal bow range are figured as short range in regard to this weapon.

Bow of Distance

Like the bow of accuracy, this bow gives a bonus to hit and damage - a bonus of +2 in this instance. The difference between the two is that the ranges for the bow of distance are double that of a normal bow of a similar type.

Bow of Fire Teeth

When fired, this bow ignites any arrow it shoots. In addition to regular damage, the arrow does 1-6 hp of fire damage. Magical arrows must save vs. magical fire if shot from this bow; if they fail the save, they catch fire and lose all magical enchantments. If they save, magical arrows perform normally. These arrows set combustibles aflame if the combustible material struck fails a save vs. normal fire.

Bows of fire teeth can set fire to a maximum of 10 arrows per day. The bow of fire teeth gives no to hit or damage bonuses other than the added damage from the arrow's flames. Such bows are generally red or yellow in color and have fire runes incorporated into their ornate designs.

Bow of Ice Fangs

This long bow, made of ivory and mithril steel, is believed to have been first created by the Elder Craftsmen of Niflheim (the area of Hades known to worshipers of the Norse gods as the land of the dead). Duplicates of the bow of ice fangs have since been crafted by human and elven mages. The main feature of the bow of ice fangs is that it creates ice arrows from the water vapor in the air. The user need only pull on the bowstring and release it; the arrows are created instantly, but may only be fired at a rate of two per round, to allow the bow's magic time to recharge. These magical arrows are +1 to hit and do double damage (2-12 hp damage) vs. fire-using and fire-dwelling creatures. If used against any other sort of being, these arrows are merely +1 to hit and damage. Each bow of ice fangs can generate a total of 101-200 ice arrows before its magic fades. A nonmagical bow of ice fangs is still finely crafted and is worth 1,000 gp.

Unfortunately, in hot climates (120 degrees F and up), the effective range of these arrows is halved. In environments where the temperature is over 300 degrees F, the ice arrows cannot form. If normal or magical arrows are fired from this bow, they do not gain the bonuses against fiery creatures, and the bow performs in all ways as a normal long bow.

Bow of Speed

This weapon is +1 to hit and damage. If there are undamaged and nonmagical arrows within 10' of the bow, those arrows are teleported, nocked and ready to fire, as soon as the bowman pulls back the string. This allows the normal rate of fire for the archer to be doubled. Some 10% of these bows are able to teleport any arrow within 10', magical or not, to the bow for firing. The archer can only distinguish one arrow from another if the arrows used are distinctive; all arrows to be fired are chosen at random.

Caglistro's Caltrops

These appear to be normal caltrops but there are two forms: the explosive caltrops do 1d6 damage each when stepped on, the flash types do 1d8 burn damage on the first round, 1d6 the second, and 1d4 on the third, plus igniting clothing. From 5-20 (5d4) will be found.

Chain of Entanglement

This magical chain has no bonuses to hit or damage, but is treated as a +5 weapon for determination of who may be hit by it. Upon a successful hit, the chain acts as a rope of entanglement, entangling the target until commanded to release by the wielder.

Crossbow of Enchantment

This weapon casts a spell upon any nonmagical bolt placed in it, enabling it to strike any creature that can only be hit by a magical weapon. Note that there are no bonuses to hit or to damage; the crossbow merely enables one to have a chance against unnatural monsters with nonmagical bolts. No additional benefit is bestowed upon a magical bolt.

Crossbow of Healing

This red crossbow radiates chaotic good magic. A hit by this bow (usable by clerics) heals 1-6 points of damage. (On a to hit roll of a natural 1, target takes 1-6 points of damage.) Only against undead does it function normally as a crossbow +1.

Crossbow of Levitation

This is a magical crossbow that gives its user the ability to levitate as per the spell. While using the crossbow of levitation, the owner's feet are not in contact with the ground; at the least, the bow owner remains 10' above any `ground' surface. Furthermore, the only other weapon the bow owner may hold in hand is a dagger or knife. If a levitate spell is used on the possessor, the bow loses all of its power for 2-12 rounds. This crossbow has a +1 bonus to hit targets, but offers no bonuses to damage done by bolts. The user of this crossbow gains a forward movement rate of 1 while levitated, but he can be towed by flying creatures.

Crossbow of Lir

This crossbow, which has a to hit bonus of +3, may be fired normally underwater at the same ranges as a normal crossbow has on land, thereby giving underwater adventurers a badly needed missile capability. In the air the bolts shot by this crossbow will travel slowly and for little distance just as if it had been a bolt shot under water by a normal crossbow, and will be able to travel freely if it is shot at water as soon as it enters the water. These bows are named after Manannan Mac Lir, Celtic god of the sea (Legends & Lore, page 28).

Cursed Bow of Warning

At first, this bow appears to be a bow +3, but when an arrow is fired from this bow, it always misses any living target which is of evil nature. Furthermore, the arrow's flight always alerts an evil victim and instantly directs his attention to the location of the user of the bow, negating all further surprise advantages. If the nature of this bow is discovered, the curse can be removed by magical means, such as through the employment of a dispel magic, wish, or limited wish, or by clerical means, such as through the employment of a remove curse. The curse is considered to be 12th-level magic. Once the curse is removed, the bow becomes a bow +3.

Dagger of Alignment Detection

This weapon appears to be a well-made dagger with five small gems set in the hilt. It radiates magic. When a command word is spoken and the dagger is pointed casually in the direction of a person or object within 30', one or more of the jewels will glow to indicate the alignment of the creature or thing (such as a magic sword) pointed at. The usual code of dagger use is as follows: emerald = good, diamond = neutral, ruby = evil, topaz = chaotic, and sapphire = lawful. Thus, the emerald and sapphire set in an alignment dagger will glow if it is pointed at a lawful good character.

The target to be identified must be visible to the holder of the dagger. The weapon's aim is not especially accurate; if is pointed in the general direction of more than one creature or object of different alignments, the gems will glow alternately in rapid succession, making their message difficult to interpret. The dagger is a normal weapon in all other respects, giving the holder no combat bonuses.

Dagger of Pain

Once per day, these daggers inflict damage as does a symbol of pain to the target they hit, provided maximum damage is done.


This item appears to be the tip of a dagger which has been broken off a complete weapon. It has a hole crudely drilled in one end, so that it can be worn on a necklace or bracelet, like a charm. When a command word is spoken, the DaggerTip falls from whatever it is attached to, becoming a dagger +2. An additional command word will make the dagger invisible. The grip is hollow: the pommel unscrews to reveal a compartment containing thieves tools. Repeating the command word causes the dagger to shrink back to its original form. The small size and relatively harmless appearance of the DaggerTip makes it an easily concealed weapon!

Diamond Dagger

The diamond dagger is a dagger whose blade is made of magically reinforced diamond. The blade will cut any non-magical material (flesh of `magical' monsters is non-magical) easily. It will act to a reduce any armor class to 9 if the armor worn, animal hide, etc., is non-magical, although any bonuses for dexterity, etc., are still applicable. The dagger still acts as a +3 dagger and will do so against magical armor too. It will also cut most any material, stone like butter, metals like sand, and wood like flesh. The damage done by the dagger is as a short sword. The dagger has no bonuses at all against materials that are made or alloys of mithril or adamantite. It can be used to cut open chests, doors, carve stone, shape metal, etc. The dagger is balanced for throwing, and will always hit blade first and always (not mithril and adamantite) sink in to the hilt, which is made of steel and adamantite. This dagger need never make saving throws, unless it is being hit with (not hitting) a weapon or object of mithril or adamantite, whereupon it will shatter if failed.


These ancient weapons look like slim, light lances painted a bright color. They were created during the last Dragon War by the various Powers that contested in them. All DragonLances have the characteristics of light lances (weight, weapon speed, etc) but do damage as a heavy lance. All are +3 for hitting and damage. A DragonLance will instantly slay any dragon (regardless of remaining hit points) on a to hit roll of 20. The wielder of the lance may also try to command dragons of the same color as the lance. The dragon is allowed a save vs. spell at -4; failure indicates that the dragon will follow the general wishes of the wielder. Command range is 120 yards. No more than one dragon at a time may be commanded. Alternately, the wielder may forgo commanding and attempt to parley, in which case there is a +6 bonus to the reactions dice; any number of dragons may be affect this way, so long as they all are within a 120-yard radius.

Ebon Lance

A lance made from the finest ebony and gilded with gold, an ebon lance is a powerful magic item. Although it is the same size as a pike (18' long), it has the speed factor and weight of a normal spear. However, it may not be thrown. An ebon lance is +3 to hit, and does double pike damage (2-12/2-24) on all hits. Note that it may be set against a charge, in which case it does triple pike damage (3-18/3-36) to all charging opponents it hits.

Electro Whip

This magical item looks like a normal whip with a gem set into the handle. Each time this whip hits, it builds a 1d6 cumulative electrical charge. When the gem is pushed, this charge is thrown from the tip of the whip as a lightning bolt (roll to hit, range 18'+10'/level of user). If contacted by any grounded item (i.e. a iron rod in the ground, a large pool of water, etc.) before the charge has been released, the whip discharges into the grounded item, losing the acquired charge and causing no damage to anyone. If the user is in contact with grounded liquid when the whip is discharged, the charge will go through him instead, doing double damage.

Elven Bow +3, Last Shot

This bow appears to be a normal magic bow of +1 enchantment; however, in the hands of an elf, the full powers of this weapon are evoked. Whenever an elf uses this weapon it becomes a +3 magical weapon with ranges 50% greater than normal. The rate of fire is also increased by one arrow per round; this last arrow is fired after all other attacks have been completed for that round.

Elven Bow +2, Goblin Bane

This bow appears to be a standard long bow +1; in the hands of an elven fighter, however, its full potential is realized. The +2 bonus is gained, as well as the following characteristics: arrows fired have double normal ranges and strike for double damage (2d6+2 hp damage) against any giant-class humanoid successfully hit. This class of monsters includes those which may be struck for extra damage by rangers (as per Unearthed Arcana).

Elven Dagger

This weapon, created for elven warrior commanders, is fashioned of a mithril-silver and steel alloy. It possesses the ability to detect giant-class creatures at a range of 200' outdoors, 100' indoors or underground (for a list of giant-class creatures, see Unearthed Arcana page 22). The blade of this dagger glows a faint white-blue color when such a creature is at the extreme range of its detection ability. The glow intensifies as the giant-class creature gets closer, until the blade is shining with the equivalent of a light spell. This dagger is +3 to hit and to damage against giant-class creatures only. When attacking other creatures, it is considered to be a +1 magical weapon, but it strikes and wounds as a normal dagger. If desired, the dagger can be commanded to dim its light or to withhold its radiance when stealth and concealment are important. The blade glows only when giant-class creatures are near, not by any command. Any giant-class creature that holds or touches the weapon receives 1-4 hp damage per round of contact.

Flame Net

This is a fine-spun golden orange net. To entangle an opponent in this net the user must roll to hit. On command, the net will burst into flame - it is not consumed and will burn until commanded to stop, causing anyone in contact with it 2-12 points of fire damage per round.

Hilt of the Weaponsmaster

This item is a plain dull black hilt with no blade. Close inspection reveals that this hilt has never had a sword attached. On the base are several different jewels. When a jewel is pressed, a different weapon appears on the hilt. When all are pressed together, the hilt is empty again. The weapons themselves are normal: 1) dagger, 2) sword, 3) mace, 4) crossbow, 5) staff, 6) javelin.

Longbow of Heartseeking

This type of long bow (self or composite) always has a +3 bonus to hit targets. It acts as a normal magical bow, except when a sufficiently high number to hit is rolled. Then, the arrow it fires strikes directly at the target creature's heart (if it has such), slaying the victim instantly (if it has but one heart). To hit numbers required for this attack are as follows:
Opponent To hit roll
Up to man-size 21 and up
Larger than man-size 22 and up
Metal or stone* 23 and up

* If the foe is using a spell or device that has transformed him into this material.

Certain creatures (such as elementals, golems, and undead) do not have hearts and so would not be affected by this weapon. Shape-shifting creatures (such as dopplegangers) are not affected by this killing power, either.

Longbow of Marksmanship

This magical long bow (either composite or self) also gives a +2 bonus to the to hit rolls of the user in combat. However, a longbow of marksmanship also gives the user a +5 bonus to hit against any nonliving target (including golems, undead, etc.). This bonus is also gained when attempting a trick shot, as long as that shot is not intended to directly harm another character or creature. In other words, the +5 bonus applies to an attempt to shoot an apple off another character's head, hitting an opponent's weapon, or any similar shot.

Longbow of Vampire Hunting

These bows are much like the longbow of heartseeking except that they are only useful against vampires, such that the bow can fire a wooden arrow into a vampire's heart and slay it on the spot. Any score of 20 or better, including all bonuses, means that the longbow of vampire hunting has killed the vampiric target. No other beings are so affected by this bow.

Nekode of Climbing

This magical ninja weapon allows the wearer to climb virtually any surface. It gives a +50% bonus to the character's climb walls ability. It allows the scaling of even single-sheet metal walls, as the claws of the nekode can puncture the steel. Movement is at 1/4 normal, however, and the nekode of climbing makes considerable noise when use to climb in such a manner. It is +1 to hit and +5 on damage when used in combat.

Nunchaku of Speed

This weapon cannot be used by anyone other than a martial arts expert. In the hands of a martial artist, it acts as nunchaku +2, but allows twice the normal number of martial arts attacks per round.

Phantom Bow

This appears to be a transparent bow with a sparkling string. When the string is drawn back, a shimmering arrow appears. Two such arrows can be fired per round as with the normal bow. The glowing arrows are +2 to hit and damage; the arrows vanish with no effect if they miss their intended target. The phantom bow fires 41-60 (1d20+40) of these arrows, after which point the bow vanishes. The bow makes saving throws as per hard metal with a +2 modifier. Normal and magical arrows can also be fired from this weapon, but magical arrows gain no additional attack bonus. Each normal arrow fired from the bow gains a +1 bonus to hit and damage in addition to all other bonuses. Furthermore, these arrows can be fired without detracting from the bow's longevity (i.e., the bow's magic is not decreased by firing normal arrows).

R'lul Gzeri Dagger

This hideous weapon is a extremely slender dagger, with a razor-sharp pointed blade and a hilt covered with some unusual leather. The leather is in fact humanoid skin. Common types are: human, dwarven, elven, goblin, orcish, gnomish, and hogoblin. A R'lul Gzeri dagger has been specially made from the skin of an assassin's first victim; they can usually be recognized as such and may cause problems for the owner, since it is assumed that the owner is an assassin. All good-aligned creatures will shun these weapons. A R'lul Gzeri dagger is a dagger +2; in addition, it causes triple normal damage to the creature type from which its hilt leather is made from.

Silent Blade

This is a dagger that when it is drawn from it's sheath activates a silence, 20' radius spell. It was of course made for a thief...

It is +3 in power and is not made to be thrown. It also has a small compartment in the hilt big enough to hold a few gems or a ring or two...

Thrown Dagger of Backstabbing

This dagger allows the thief to backstab one category higher (from x3 to x4) once per day on a thrown backstab. It will return once per day and for the rest of the day will function as a dagger +1.

Trident +1, +2 vs. Water Elementals

A item manufactured by the most powerful sahugin clerics, this weapon gives its wielder combat bonuses against creatures like tritons, water wierds, and water elementals. The trident has a lawful evil alignment and will function as a -1 weapons in the hands of anyone of another alignment. Only the most powerful sahuagin warriors carry these tridents.

Tui-fa of Shielding

This unassuming weapon acts as a tui-fa +1 in the hands of anyone other than a martial artist. In the hands of a martial artist, it acts as a tui-fa +2. If the martial artist has the special maneouver of weapon catch, the full powers of this weapon become active. The character can automatically parry any single attack against him, while still allowing the full number of martial arts attacks in the same round. The wielder can also spin the tui-fa of shielding in a circle in front of him; this is his only action that round. All missile attacks (except boulders and other very large and heavy missiles) have a -8 penalty to hit. This shield also has a 25% chance of negating magic missile attacks. It is only effective against missile attacks from the character's front arc; flank and rear attacks have normal to hit chances.

Vampiric Crysdagger

This is a dagger +1 which sheds no light. When wielded by a thief, once per day (upon command) it inflicts a vampiric touch. This permanently drains 3d6 hit points from the creature. An affected creature must have a restoration spell cast up him/herself before any of these hit points may be regained.

Withering Scythe

This weapon is +2 to hit and does normal damage with no bonus. However, the victim must save vs. poison or also suffer the loss of 1 hit point per round thereafter from a slow but powerful poison effect. The only antidotes for this poison are cure disease cast by a cleric or druid of at least 9th level, or a heal, regenerate, restoration, limited wish, or wish. A good-aligned figure who simply picks up the scythe is subject to the same poison effect.

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