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Phase Potion

Phase potion, which is related to oil of etherealness, is more useful for general combat. When imbibed, this potion allows the user to shift in and out of phase with the Prime Material plane at will, much like a phase spider. When out of phase, the user is impervious to all forms of attack except those that reach into Ethereal plane. A phase door spell forces the user to remain in phase for seven rounds. Even when in phase, the user is surrounded by a fiery nimbus of white fire, the trace of the portal to the Ethereal Plane. In addition to being able to shift oneself to the Ethereal plane, the user may take up to 60 lbs. of material with him. Inert gear can be taken automatically simply by touching it and willing it to come along, while a living creature is entitled to a save vs. spells at -2 if it does not wish to go with the potion user. These effects last for 5d8 rounds. Phase potions are brewed from phase-spider ichor or from the concentrated juices of rare underground fungi.

Potion of Curing Lycanthropy

This potion, as the name implies, when imbibed will cure lycanthropy in the imbiber; however,it contains belladonna and has a 5% chance of poisoning the drinker. This poison will cause death unless cured in one hour's time.

Potion of Direction

The effects of this drink last much longer than most potions, continuing for 12-48 (12d4) hours. Consumption of this potion enables a character to retrace his path over and solid terrain, in effect preventing the character from getting lost. If a maze spell is cast at a character under the influence of this potion, he re-emerges from the maze after only 2-5 segments. If the reversed form of find the path is cast at such a character, the spell and the potion will cancel each other out; the potion will be neutralized, but the spell will not take effect. This potion does not have the same effect as find the path, in that it will not provide clues to the shortest path to the desired location. Note that the user will only be able to retrace a path he travels from the moment the drink is consumed to the moment the drink wears off. Any distance covered before or after that won't be automatically recalled. Once the potion wears off, the enhanced memory one has for the terrain covered will be forgotten; one must rely on a map of the area to successfully retrace his path.

Potion of Frost Resistance

This potion grants immunity to the ill effects of all forms of normal cold down to -100 degrees F. Partial resistance to magical cold is also granted; saving throws vs. cold spells are made at +4 on the die, and damage from cold attacks is reduced by 2 points per die down to a minimum of 1 point per die. If only half a dose is consumed, the potion's benefit against magical cold is halved (+2 on saves, -1 on each damage die) but the protection from normal cold is unchanged. A full dose lasts one turn (10 rounds); half dose lasts 5 rounds. Note that the icy breath weapons of creatures such as white dragons, winter wolves, and hoar foxes are included in the category of `magical cold'.

Potion of Mind Restoration

When consumed, this magical liquid will cure any form of normal or magical insanity, and will also restore a feebleminded character to health. If a psionic character who was attacked while defenseless later drinks this potion, it will cure any psychic damage he suffered except for death, idiocy, the permanent loss of an attack or defense mode, or a robot state. This potion will also enable a psionic character to recover psionic strength points at twice the normal rate for two hours after the potion is consumed.

Potion of Missile Protection

The effects of this magical potion last for 3-18 rounds. When consumed, the potion gives partial protection from all magic missile attacks. The drinker gains a saving throw vs. spell each time a single magic missile hits him; if the throw is successful, no damage is take from the missile. If the throw is failed, only one point of damage will be taken from the missile. Note that separate throws are required foe each magic missile, so a target struck by six of them from an 11th-level wizard must save six times.

Potion of Nutrition

The imbiber of this potion can go one week without needing any food or water, and will suffer no ill effects as a result. Protection is also granted against a chime of hunger; the user of a potion of nutrition receives an initial saving throw vs. spell to negate the effect of the chime upon himself. And even if the throw fails, the drinker receives two (not one) saving throws vs. spell on each succeeding round to end the hunger he feels.

Potion of Restoration

This magical fluid was first created by Kenither the Gaunt. Each dose negates the effects of the following spells and powers, restoring the affected creatures to its normal state: charm person/monster, feign death, forget, friends, haste, hold person/monster, polymorph other, ray of enfeeblement, sepia snake sigil, sleep, slow, stoneskin, strength, and Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter. A polymorphed creature restored by this potion need not make a system shock roll. The liquid also cures blindness and deafness, and restores a crystallized character (see description of Crystal Spider). The potion can be administered by pouring a dose on the subject or by the creature ingesting it. In either case, it can negate more than one spell. For example, if applied to a creature under Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter and haste, both spells would be negated.

Potion of Silliness

This famous potion has no truly harmful effects, but does produce a rather embarrassing result. Upon drinking the potion, the creature will being to smile and giggle. On the succeeding round, the imbiber will begin to gawf and chuckle. For the next three rounds, he or she will be overtaken by laughter, finding any and all suggestions, situations, etc., extremely funny. The potions effects make silence impossible - the laughter is discernible out to at least 100 yards. Likewise, no effective attacks may be made, whether with spell, weapon, or device, but the creature may defends itself with a -4 to AC penalty. After 5 rounds, the potion wears off.

Potion of Toughening

Quaffing this potion will immediately add 2-18 (d12+d6) hit points to the consumer's current total, even if the final total exceeds the maximum number of hit points; these extra hit points are held in reserve. Any damage taken by the character will first be taken off the character's own hit points; only after all of these hit points are gone will hit points be deducted from those bestowed by this potion. The duration of this potion (and the hit points granted by it) is only 7-12 turns. Thus, if someone has received extra hit points from this potion and has lost all of the extra hit points, then when the potion wears off he will not loose any at all, because the extra have already been removed. Potions of toughening should only be taken singly; if a second dose is consumed before the first wears off, the second one has no effect, and the drinker must make a system shock roll or die.

Psionics-boosting Potions

A few potions are known to psionic magic-users and alchemists that are capable of increasing a psionic character's attacks and defense strength for a limited time after being consumed. A potion of this type takes effect 2-8 segments after imbibing it, and the effects can last anywhere from 2-40 turns (2d20). Experience points are gained only by psionic characters who imbibe the potion and use one of the psionic modes affected buy the potion. Otherwise no experience points are given.

The potions each are listed with the major ingredient which is taken from a psionic creature from the Prime Material plane. These major ingredients must be taken from a creature which was slain without the use of magic or psionics. A character who drinks a psionics-boosting potion receives extra strength points when he employs one of the attack/defense modes that the potion affects. This boost enables the drinker to attack or defend as if his current psionic strength was increased by the amount of the bonus. However, the user cannot receive these bonus points if he doesn't have enough of his own psionic strength points remaining to use the attack or defense mode normally. For example, someone who drinks the violet potion will not receive bonus points for using a psionic blast unless that character has at least 20 strength points remaining (so that he would be able to use the attack mode even if he had not drunk the potion) and actually employs a psionic blast attack.

This potion adds 50 points onto all psionic blast attacks made by the drinker, and 100 points onto all defense modes used as well. A specimen of tissue from an algoid is required to manufacture this potion.
This potion adds 100 points to all psionic blast attacks made by the drinker, and 50 points to any defense modes used while the potion is in effect. The brain of a mind flayer is required to make this potion.
Adds 50 attack points to all mind thrust attacks made by the drinker, but no defensive alterations. This potion requires one brain mole to create.
Adds 50 attack points to all psychic crush attacks, but makes no defensive alterations in the imbiber. Parts from a psionic gray ooze are required to manufacture such a potion.
This drink will add 50 strength points to any ego whip or id insinuation attacks made by the drinker, and 50 points to any psionic defenses used. An intellect devourer's body is required to make this potion.
This potion adds 50 points to all id insinuation attacks made by the drinker, and also makes the drinker immune to psionic attack for the duration of the potion's effects. One-half cubic foot of material from a living colony of psionic yellow mold, collected in an appropriate container, is needed to make this potion.
This potion adds 25 points to any psionic blast, psychic crush, or mind thrust attacks made by the drinker, as well as 100 points to any psychic defense mounted. The brain of a su-monster is required to make this drink.


1-3 Green 300 600
4-6 Violet 300 650
7-9 White 200 300
10-12 Gray 200 350
13-15 Silver 300 650
16-18 Yellow 300 600
19-20 Red 350 650

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