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Magical powders are usually stored in small paper packets, cloth pouches, or hollow blow tubes made of glass, wood, metal, or bone. A packet or pouch can be shaken out to cover the area all around the user to a radius of 5 feet. This action lasts an entire round. Note that powders used in this manner can affect the user. Alternatively, powder in a tube can be blown outward in a ten-foot-long cone shape that is one foot wide at the apex and five feet wide at the end. Used in this manner, the powder has no chance of affecting the user (unless it rebounds on him due to wind or similar circumstances). Powders may also be blown from the user's hand, but can only affect a single individual within five feet of the user.

Cibola's Powder

This item is usually found as a soft gold powder. A dose of 1/4 teaspoon per 100 lbs. body-weight will cause the user to rejuvenate 10 years (effects permanent). Those contemplating usage should be cautioned against overdoseage - extreme juvenation is possible. 1-10 teaspoonfuls are usually found in a small pouch.

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