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Rod of Many Things

This magical rod of silver may be commanded to turn into any 15 of the items listed on the chart below, and will stay that way until commanded to become a rod again. To change into something the owner must give a mental command naming the object desired, or the mental command `do something'. If the rod is ordered into something which it cannot become, then the user must make a save vs. spell or suffer 2-12 points of electrical damage.

For the rod to go from one shape to another, the object must first be commanded into rod form and then into the other shape. Since the rod is made of silver, any creature vulnerable to silver weapons may be damaged by the rod in weapon form. Although the rod has no pluses to hit or damage, it may be used to attack creature hit only by +1 weapons or better. Possible objects:

Dice Roll Item Formed
01-04 Axe, hand
05-06 Broom
07 Bo stick
08-09 Cable
10 Candlestick
11 Club
12-13 Crowbar
14-16 Dagger
17-19 Dart
20-21 Flail, footman's
22-24 Fork, dinner
25-27 Fork, hay
28-30 Fork, military
31-32 Guisarme
33-36 Halberd
37-41 Hammer
42-46 Hoe
47-48 Hoof pick
49-50 Javelin
Dice Roll Item Formed
51 Jo stick
52-53 Lance, light
54-56 Mace, footman's
57-58 Needle
59-61 Oar
62 Pick, footman's
63-65 Poker, fireplace
66-67 Pole, 10'
68-69 Scimitar
70-71 Spade
72-75 Spear
76-78 Staff, quarter
79-80 Sword, bastard
81-83 Sword, broad
84-89 Sword, long
90-93 Sword, short
94-95 Sword, 2-handed
96-98 Trident
99-00 Toothpick

It takes 1 segment for the rod to change into an item, and one segment for the reverse. After changing into the 15th item and then back to rod form, the rod of many things loses all magical powers.

Scepter of Defense

The scepter of defense is a rod-like instrument about 3' long, with a hand grip on one end. It may be use by all classes except magic-users as a parrying device. When it is used in combat against a human, demi-human, or humanoid opponent, the scepter may be wielded to cause all attacks against the user to be made at a -4 penalty to hit. The scepter can parry two attacks in one melee round, regardless of the user's level, so long as the attacks come from the user's front and sides. Attacks made from the rear cannot be parried.

The scepter is useless as a parrying implement against non-humanoid creatures like dragons or black puddings, against blows from humanoid creatures larger than an ogre, and against attacks from creatures using weaponless combat (such as ogrillions, trolls, or wrestlers).

The user's strength bonus to hit (if any) may be subtracted from the opponent's chance to hit the scepter's wielder. No sort of attack can be made in the same round that the scepter is used as a parrying device.

The scepter will function as a club +1 if used offensively. And, so long as it is carried, it confers a +1 bonus to the holder's saving throw vs. all magical effects. This bonus is cumulative with other saving throw bonuses, as per a ring of protection.

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