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Scroll of Absorption

This unusual scroll is highly sought after by magic-users and illusionists, since it contains a very unique power. If the scroll is set upon a spellcaster's spell book for 2 days continuously, it will absorb one spell at random onto the scroll. This absorption process does not hurt the spell book or the spell absorbed. After absorption, the scroll of absorption may be used like any other scroll. Should the scroll remain empty for more than a week, it looses all its magical powers. A scroll cannot hold any spell higher than 6th level; should a character set it upon a book containing such powerful spells, it will not function. The maximum number of spells that may be held at one time is three, regardless of their levels. When found, randomly determine its contents.

Scroll of Darkness

Upon opening this scroll, a vast blanket of darkness issues forth. The darkness engulfs everything within a 60-foot radius of the scroll of darkness. Sight, infravision, ultravision, and even true seeing cannot penetrate the black veil. However, the person grasping the scroll when opened retains normal vision, provided that he remains holding the scroll. The darkness lasts until the scroll is closed, upon which it disappears the round afterward. The scroll may be used 1-4 times before becoming useless.

Scroll of Deception

While a very useful magic item, the scroll of deception is difficult to identify as such. The power of this scroll is such that it will appear to contain whatever the holder desires it to be. Thus, it may appear to contain a map to hidden treasure, a spell, written orders from the king, a prayer, or whatever the DM thinks the expectations of the character holding it are. In no case does it actually contain anything of value - after careful study, the new "spell" will be nothing more than a neat parlor trick using sleight of hand, the map is fictitious, the king's order a nonsensical rhyme, etc. This is not apparent, however, until the character has devoted at least 1 turn to studying the contents. Characters may become suspicious of the true nature of this scroll if several characters handle it and see different contents. However, it would be useful for passing checkpoints, as it could be given as proper papers, and since all the guards expect papers, they would be fooled. This is but one possible use for this handy, yet confusing, item.

Scroll of Dictation

This ordinary-looking scroll comes with a matching feather quill pen. The magic of the pen and scroll enable it to take down precisely what the owner says. The owner simply starts the dictation with the command "Take this down" and stops with the command "Sincerely yours". The dictation is recorded in the language that the owner is speaking in. The message lasts until the owner wishes to make a new dictation, and starts with "Take this down" again, at which time all the previous writing on the scroll is erased. No ink is required by the scroll, as the words magically appear upon it. However, should the matching pen be lost, the scroll becomes useless until the owner somehow manages to replace it with a like magic pen. Note that this scroll is subject to the erase spell. The length of the dictation that can be recorded depends upon the length of the scroll; a maximum of 1,000 words is not uncommon. Spells of any sort may not be placed upon this scroll; any attempt to do so will fail.

Scroll of Domination

A scroll of domination is a powerful magical document that can cast an advanced charm spell over anyone being normally affected by a charm person spell. The document requires a read magic spell to understand, and may be only be used by magic-users. When the scroll is read to enact its magic, the writing disappears and the scroll is thereafter useless, just as if it were a scroll of spells. The target of this dweomer must be within 60 feet of the scroll reader when the power of the scroll is exercised. The target is allowed a saving throw vs. spell at -2 (with wisdom bonus/penalty applicable); if the throw fails, the being becomes charmed and will obey the caster's verbal commands. And, if both caster and victim share a common language, the victim will also obey mental commands of the magic-user as well. This charm power is the same as that used by vampires. The victim will not obey a self-destructive act, but the charm will not be broken if such a command is issued. The influence of this scroll can only be broken by a dispel magic or remove curse spell from a caster of 12th level or higher, or by a limited wish. The charm power is of relatively short duration, lasting only 4-16 hours. The victim will be freed of the scroll's effect sooner than this if he is taken farther that 60 feet from the scroll reader (the victim will not do so of his own `free' will), or if a magic circle comes between the magic-user and his victim.

Scroll Gate

It is rumored that this weird magical item is the result of a gate spell being improperly inscribed upon a normal scroll. Whatever the cause, this scroll now contains a magic doorway to some other place. When opened, the scroll seems to contain a large hole in the middle, yet upon examination, the hole is on one side only, the other appearing completely normal. This hole is really a gate to another place. The DM may choose where this portal leads; the scroll gate contains a door to a single place which never changes.

Scroll of Mystical Transportation

Probably one of the most sought-after scrolls, the scroll of mystical transportation is an extremely powerful item. It is useful for transporting large or heavy things long distances, or carrying something in a very discrete manner. The scroll transforms normal objects touching its surface to a 2-dimensional picture on the scroll. The object or objects to be transferred must be no taller and no wider than the scroll (usually 3' x 6') and must be physically touching the scroll when the command word is spoken. Note that a chain of people and/or objects is considered to be physically touching the scroll if they are all in contact and at least one member of the group is touching the scroll. The height and width of the group must still not exceed the dimensions of the scroll, but depth is inconsequential. After the command word is spoken, all objects disappear and reappear as a pictorial representation on the scroll. To release the contents, a second command must be spoken. While "on" the scroll, all objects and persons are in a state of suspended animation - they do not age, need air/food/water, etc. However, any damage to the scroll of mystical transportation or the picture on it proportionally harms the objects/people in the picture. Thus, burning the scroll will kill anyone on it (with NO chance of resurrection) and destroy any objects thus pictured.

Scroll of Suggestion

This scroll appears to be an official pronouncement, personal missive, or other such innocuous document, and may be found in treasure hoards like any other scroll. No magical spell is required to read the scroll's contents. A magical curse, however, is worked onto the writing of the scroll such that whoever reads the scroll will immediately become subject to the next normal suggestion heard as if under the influence of the spell suggestion. The victim is allowed a saving throw vs. spell to avoid succumbing to the suggestion, but at the following penalties: -2 for a mildly dangerous act, -4 for a normal request involving little chance of personal danger, and -6 for an extremely reasonable request or suggestion involving no obvious risk. Under no circumstances will the victim perform a life-threatening or suicidal act, as per the provisions for the suggestion spell. Hearing such a suggestion, or making the saving throw allowed for other types of suggestions, will void the curse and negate the effect of the scroll for the character. Because they are reusable, scrolls of suggestion have become popular with many royal courts and governments. Sometimes a messenger bearing one is waylaid by a monster; hence their appearance in treasure hoards. If a suggestion is to be carried out over a span of time, the scroll's curse will remain in effect after the scroll is read for a number of days equal to the reader's intelligence score subtracted from 25. If no suggestion is heard within this time then he will not be affected. If they do hear a suggestion and are trying to fulfill it and then the duration expires, the enchantment is broken. Influence of this scroll upon an affected character may be detected by a detect charm spell, and its effects may be removed by a dispel magic or remove curse spell cast by a spell-caster of the named level or higher (11th level minimum for magic-users, 9th level minimum for clerics, etc.). A wish or limited wish spell will also remove this effect.

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