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Various Singular Items


This unusual item is a steel rod, about 3' long, with a small ball at the top. Intertwined about the shaft of the rod are two metal snakes, one made of silver and the other of gold. Sages differ on the origin of the Cadecus. Some believe that it was gift from some god to a mortal; usually the deity in question is a god of travelers or the poor. Other sages hold that it was created in some far off, mystical land by a great priest; this land was subsequently destroyed in some unknown cataclysm. No one can state with any degree of certainty which thesis is correct (or if either is true). What is known is that the Cadecus is extremely old, and most cultures of the realms have at least one myth in which some hero possesses it.

The Cadecus has two major areas of effect: traveling and healing. When grasped and a command is spoken, wings will sprout from the user's feet, enabling flight at a rate of 48 (maneouverability class B). Up to 2 hours per day, consecutive or non-consecutive, may be spent flying. When walking on the ground, terrain is considered one category less severe for the purpose of determining movement (i.e. very rough terrain becomes rough, rough become normal, and there is no effect when walking on normal terrain). The Cadecus may cure blindness, cure disease, or cure critical wounds at a touch. Any combination of these three healing powers may be used up to 6 times per day.

Nauglamír, "Necklace of the Dwarves"

This necklace of surpassing beauty was made during the First Age of History. Forged by an unknown dwarven jeweler, it is made of pure wrought gold, and inlaid with a variety of precious diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. First worn by the daughter of the third Dwarven King, it was stolen from the dwarves by the master thief Agriloc, who sold it to the goblins of the North, who attempted to blackmail the Dwarven King. The Second Goblin-Dwarf War was a direct result of this blackmail, as the dwarves attempted to recover the necklace. However, it was lost during the Battle in Mordia, when the rout of the goblins caused a great panic. It has not been seen since, though several copies of the necklace have appeared recently, sans magical powers, leading some (including Elminister) to speculate that it has been found and attempts to duplicate it are underway.

The wearer of the necklace is empowered with truesight, and can detect lie, detect magic, and know alignment at will. Additionally, the necklace can create an anti-magic shell (duration 1 turn) once per day. Any creature that looks upon Nauglamír will be fascinated unless a save vs. spells is successful. A save is allowed each round until the fascination is broken.

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