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Singular Books, Tomes, et al.

Note that all spells, unless specifically stated otherwise, are assumed to be the standard versions from the Players' Handbook or other standard resource (including the Great Net Spell/Prayer Books). The characteristics of the unique spells are left to the DM, the more to make them different in each campaign. (Suggestions are of course noted, and freely ignorable at whim.)

G'zul G'zarthi's Mighty Ledger

As its name implies, this book is a huge text, measuring 2' tall by 4' wide and an inch thick. The covers are made of metal covered with a fine cloth which is held to the cover with a great deal of brass studs. The pages inside are of fine paper, with protective cloth edge-guards.

G'zul G'zarthi was a small-time wizard who had a greatly over-inflated sense of self-importance. His Mighty Ledger is full of various "important" facts and figures from his research and business. Most of these are trivial and useless to all but the most pedantic mages. G'zul G'zarthi never managed to acquire a great deal of talent; most of the spells in his Ledger are of very low level. The major reason for the interest in the Ledger (besides G'zarthi's constant bragging of the powerful magics it supposedly contained) is his discovery of the highly unusual spell slime (a unique spell). The Ledger has passed into general circulation after G'zarthi was turned into a newt by a passing arch-mage that he insulted.

It is recommended that slime be no more than 4th level, and not produce large amounts of damage, but rather provide an unusual effect or byproduct.

In addition to slime, the Ledger contains the following spells: comprehend languages, grease, jump, light, message, read magic, shield, taunt, ESP, knock, levitate, scare, clairaudience, dispel magic, confusion, and monster summoning III.

The Testament of Greater Prayers

Appearing as a massive book covered in red velvet with gold embossing and silk trimmings, the pages of this book are made of the finest vellum and are highly ornate, with colorful inks and intricate borders.

The exact origin of the testament of greater prayers is not known; some say that it was a gift from a god, while others hold that it was created by a legendary priest of extreme wisdom. Whatever the truth may be, the testament has an extensive history.

Its first recorded appearance is by the demon-priest Forlaerji, who lamented that the skillful use of a mighty tome by the good priests of Ankathor was driving the worshipers of his demon out of the country of Naz. The first detailed review of the book's contents was completed by Gressock the Wise, priest of Syhr just before it mysteriously vanished from the Temple of Syhr in Gozen. Gressock remarks that the Testament gave a great deal of information on the successful communication with the gods. He also noted that the vast majority of the book is dedicated to mundane clerical matters, such as maintaining the faith among the congregation, missionary work, and proper methods of worship.

However, scattered throughout the book are a plethora of clerical prayers. These include: ceremony, detect evil, light, purify food and drink, prayer, remove curse, exorcise, tongues, commune, purge (a unique spell), holy word, mind link (a unique spell), and mission (a unique spell).

Suggested levels for the unique spells are: purge - 3rd, mind link - 4th, mission - 6th.

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