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Unique Weapons

Aeglos "Snow Point"

This was the spear of Lord Gil-galad, the leader of the Templars of Law. The spear was lost during the sacking of the Temple of Greenspar in the 3rd War of the Colors. It found its way into the possession of the king of Gwyn, Filmor Waitespar. He was slain in battle, and the spear passed on to his nephew, Vospar. Unfortunately, Vospar was reckless and foolish, and soon joined an adventure with a group of equally foolish friends. They attempted to slay the dragon Rogdarm, who proceeded to bake the group into ashes. At a later time, Rogdarm gave the spear to an evil mage in exchange for several spells. The identity and current whereabouts of the mage are unknown.

Aeglos is a spear +4; being of particularly excellent balance and weight, it can be thrown twice as far as usual (2/4/6). It is approximately 6' long, with the 1' long, blue-steeled tip fitted into the 5' long oak shaft. The oaken shaft has several runes carved into it and is magically strengthened; it has the strength of solid steel. When Aeglos is held, the user can never be surprised.

Angrist "Iron-cleaver"

This knife belonged to the halfling hero Çædric. It was believed destroyed in Çædric's battle with the demon Dragoath. It reappeared in the hands of a Eastern Wasteland hero named Pinn before being lost again.

This lawful good knife +1 is intelligent - Intelligence 15 and Ego 15 - and can speak Old Common, Lawful Good, Kirin, Eastern Barbaric, and Demon. It can detect demons up to 80 yards away, project up to 12 magic missiles each day, and teleport the wielder and all gear twice per day. Angrist can hit any demon, regardless of the `pluses' needed to hit. When it strikes a demon, it is imprisoned unless a save vs. spell at -2 is made.

Axe of Democles

This is a battleaxe +3, but against earth and fire elementals, it increases to +5. This gleaming mithril steel axe was used by the dwarven hero Democles to defend his people from the Elementals that sought to drive the dwarves from their mines. It causes all creatures from the Elemental Planes of Earth and Fire, or the Para-Elemental Planes of Smoke, Magma, and Ooze that see it to check morale. The Axe of Democles is +5 to hit and damage vs. any such creature. When a hit is scored, the elemental or para-elemental must immediately check morale at -2. Failure indicates it flees back to its home plane.


The first record of this massive black iron warhammer is its use by the evil dwarven fighter Bawdarin when he defeated the champion Falin. Soon after, the hammer disappeared when Bawdarin met an ignomious end at the Battle of the Twin Peaks.

Bloodfist is a warhammer +4. On any to hit roll of 4 or more above the number needed, the hammer causes double damage (2d4+6 / 2d4+4); if the roll is 6 above the needed number, triple damage is scored (3d4+7 / 3d4+4); and if the roll is 8 or more above the necessary number, quadruple damage (4d4+8 / 4d4+4) is inflicted. If the to hit roll is a natural 20, the target is stunned for 2-5 rounds. This hammer is not balanced for throwing.

Bow of O'Locksley

The famed archer and outlaw O'Locksley constructed this bow with the aid of a sympathetic mage to aid in his quest to rid the county of the harsh and oppressive master that held the peasantry in an iron vice of fear. Not a small portion of his fame as a archer without peer is due to the powers of his wondrous bow. After his tragic death, O'Locksley's bow was passed on to his nephew, Jaen of Southerton. Jaen used the bow for two decades to continue to fight injustice and evil in the county. He entrusted it to an elven friend before setting out on a secret mission from which he never returned. The elf gave the bow to his queen, and it has since been passed down among the royalty of the elven court. Several times it has been lost, but it has always been recovered due to the diligence of the elves' searches. It was last used by the elf Treestalker during a raid on the Goblin King's lair. Both Treestalker and the bow were lost after the raid, and the elves are continually searching for both.

The bow of O'Locksley is a longbow of exceptional quality; it is made of ancient yew that some say came from the great World Tree, Yaggissadril. It is a long bow +5. In the hands of a character that has longbow specialization, all ranges are considered short and the maximum range of the bow is tripled. The magic of the bow is such that it never needs restrung or tightened, even after getting wet. The draw of the bow is feather light, so extreme accuracy is easily obtained.


Grond was the gigantic mace of the infamous and feared Sauron, leader of the evil Decautar Knights. It was imprisoned along with Sauron upon his defeat by the Forces of Good during the 1st Great War. No one knows what has happened to either Sauron or his mace since, though there are persistent rumors of their return.

Grond is a 5' long, pure adamantite footman's mace +6. It cannot be lifted by anyone with under an 18/01 strength, and cannot be wielded effectively unless the user has at least 19 strength. Creatures under 5' cannot wield this weapon at all, while those under 7' must use two hands.

Any creature not of evil alignment that picks up or handles this weapon will be affected as if they had received a blow from it. The mace can cause fear or darkness, 15' radius upon command. Thrice per day it will paralyze upon a touch. All hits from the mace cause triple normal damage (3d6+9 / 3d6+6) and drain 1 life energy level.


This small dagger has been powered with an extremely potent dweomer. It has no pluses or any other bonuses when used in regular combat. However, when the true name of any creature seen by the wielder at some time in his or her life is spoken aloud, and the dagger thrown, the dagger will automatically strike that creature, wherever that creature may be. Thus, if necessary, the dagger will sail through the planes to seek and hit the creature. Upon hitting under such circumstances, the effect of a harm spell will automatically affect the target, and then damage for the dagger will have to be calculated. Note that this does not necessarily kill the victim. First roll d4 for hit points left, then d4 for hit points lost due to the dagger. There is only one of these daggers known to be around, and this was the item that finally brought low the infamous Piraz the Mad. The hand that threw the blade is thought to have been that of Saicha La Vallee, Azith Dengg's wife. Her powers and actions throughout the long wars are a mystery. It is certain that she played a large role behind the scenes in organizing the campaign led by her husband.

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