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Cloak of Emptiness

This cloak is a dark blue embroidered robe. The embroidery is so intricate that close studying of it will cause severe headaches. To use, the wearer wraps himself tightly in the robe, thinks or where he wants to be, and he is there. However, the robe falls to the ground where he used to be. Accuracy depends upon the condition of the cloak.

Cloak of Etherealness

This apparently ordinary cloak will allow the user to fade briefly into the Ethereal Plane up to three times a week. It is activated by one segment of concentration. No verbal command is necessary - the character just begins to fade. The process takes five full segments, during which time the user cannot move but may defend against attacks. While fading into the ether, the character can be struck by any weapon or spell. At the end of the five segments the character is wholly in the ether and thus invisible on the prime material and immune to most attacks.

While ethereal, the user can move at the rate of 15 feet per segment in any direction, even up or down, and can bypass walls, ceilings, magical traps, doors, etc. At the end of three segments, the user will fade back in to the Prime Material plane. The cloak cannot be activated again for one full turn, and may be activated only three times in any one week. While in the ether there is a 1% chance of an ethereal encounter which may follow the user at the DM's discretion. A user who would rematerialize inside a material object is trapped on the ethereal plane!

The cloak can be used but 36 times, after which the item becomes non-magical.

Cloak of the Night

This magical cloak will operate only on a non-good-aligned creature. If a good-aligned creature wears it, he will automatically be attacked by any undead encountered, even if those undead must push past other party members to get at the wearer. The cloak, when worn by a non-good figure, confers the following powers at night only: polymorph with all possessions into a bat, stirge, crow, or owl at will in 1 segment (the figure must return to normal shape before changing into a different form), 90-foot infravision (whether underground or not), and acts as a cloak of elvenkind.

Cloak of Quick Change

This cloak usually red and black and very popular with thieves and assassins, is reversible, and may become any two colors desired. When the cloak is worn with one color out, a set of clothing is visible; when the cloak is reversed, a second form of dress appears. When the cloak is donned over a set of clothing and the clasp is turned, the inner side of the cloak is attuned to that set of clothes. When the cloak is removed, the clothes vanish with it. A second choice of costume may then be selected and the process repeated with the cloak reversed. After this, when the cloak is reversed, the appropriate set of clothing appears.

Collar of Obedience

Simply put, the wearer of this item is subject to any command, given by any being within earshot. The only conditions are these: 1) the victim must don the collar willingly, and 2) the priority of each command is lower than the preceding one. Thus, if you tell the collar-wearing chancellor to kill the king, and the cornered monarch orders him to desist, yours will be the instruction followed. The collar is a beautiful work of art, often worn for its ornamental value by the unknowing.

Degree Belt

Appearing to be a strap of woven material six feet long, this item is in fact the most revered relic of an ancient school of martial arts. When worn in the proper manner, wrapped twice around the waist and tied with a square knot, it imbues the wearer with all the fighting skills of a top-rank student of the organization from which it came. In Oriental Adventures terms, this means a kensai of the 12th rank, while in AD&D terms, it means a fighter of 12th level with a single weapon of proficiency (the PC may not choose which weapon). Nothing else is gained, such as special abilities or hit points, and if the school (or any former member) still exists, the owner of the Belt could well be in continual danger from them.

Gauntlets of Crushing

These magical gloves appear to be made of a tough leather, with three-quarter-length fingers. They can be worn under ordinary armored gloves. These gauntlets make the wearer's hands hard as steel, enabling him to punch for 2-8 + Strength bonus points of damage in unarmed combat. When used with a martial art that relies on the hands as the primary attack, it gives a +4 damage bonus.

Gauntlets of Power

These magical gauntlets give the wearer a +2 bonus to hit whenever using a weapon in melee combat. Thus, this bonus applies when using a sword, axe, pole arm, etc., but not when shooting a bow. In addition, the gloves provide 5% magic resistance to the wearer.

Gauntlets of Shocking

These magical hand gear appear as metal gauntlets of the type worn with plate armor. They are large and fairly heavy. Despite their size, they expand or shrink to fit any wearer's hands from those of a halfling to those of an ogre. The gauntlets are magically charged with electrical energy, and the wearer may discharge this energy in the form of electrical attacks on opponents. The gauntlets of shocking have 20 power points, and used points regenerate at the rate of 1 every 12 turns. If all 20 points are used up, the gauntlets become non-magical.

A pair of gauntlets of shocking has three different powers, which may be used one at a time, once per round: shocking grasp (1 charge), lightning bolt (6 charges), and chain lightning (10 charges). All of the gauntlets' spells function at the 12th level of experience.

Due to the weight and difficulty in performing precise movements with the fingers while wearing theses magical gloves, no actions requiring extreme manual dexterity can be performed while wearing them. Thieves' attempts to pick pockets, open locks, remove traps, and climb walls, along with many spells requiring complex hand motions, are unable to be completed. Holding and using weapons, climbing anything with hand-holds (ropes, ladders, etc.), and picking up anything but very small objects are allowed.

Girdle of Skill

This magical girdle gives a +1 (or +5%) bonus to all rolls concerning skill. Thus, thieves' functions, many non-weapon proficiencies, and to hit rolls are all affected, but not saving throws, attempts to turn undead, damage rolls, etc.

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