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Wand of Backfiring

These wands resemble normal wands and are tapered toward one end. It is often difficult to determine the function of a found wand - except by trying it. These wands function as normal wands except that the discharge is from the thick end rather than from the thin end. This is often hazardous to the unwary user. The more common models of these wands are constructed in such a way that anyone grasping the wand will know its basic function - but not which end it fires from. It is believed that these wands were originally conceived by an inept mage but later copied by intent.

All standard saves apply in addition to the special dexterity saves given below. The most common varieties are:

  1. Wand of Magic Missiles - This wand will fire three magic missiles per charge expended.
  2. Wand of Lightning Bolts - Fires one lightning bolt per charge expended. The (mis)user must make a Dexterity Check at +10; if he passes, anyone behind him must make a Dexterity Check normally. Damage is 6d6, range 60'.
  3. Wand of Fireballs - Fires one fireball per charge. Dexterity Check, range and damage are the same for #2.
  4. Wand of Cold - Fires a cone of cold and the user has no dexterity save; anyone behind him must make a Dexterity Check at +10. Damage is 8d4, range 60', base 10'.
  5. Wand of Paralyzation - Fires a beam that will paralyze the user (no dex save) as per the wand of the same name. For anyone standing behind, the Dexterity Check is at +10.
  6. Wand of Polymorph - Only a save vs. polymorph is allowed. If it is failed, the (mis)user is polymorphed into what he wished the opponent to become.

Randomly determine the type found or create new types.

X.P. Value: Corresponding wand's + 300 (for finding fault)
G.P. Value: As wand of same type


This dreadful device is a short wand of about 1' in length and 1" in diameter. It is made of a shiny, super-hard steel that is impossible to scratch. A small button is located on one end. If the button is pushed while the wielder speaks the command word, a death ray 5' wide by 60' long springs from the end. The ray is invisible to all creatures except the wielder. The death ray strikes one target only; once it hits a target, it does not continue. The target must save at -4 vs. death magic; failure indicates instant death. The wand uses charges according to the strength of the target: one charge is used for each level/HD (+3 = additional HD) the target possesses, regardless of whether the target successfully saved.

Wand of Fog

When activated, this wand creates 1,000 cubic feet of fog per round for 7-12 rounds, as per the first-level magic-user spell wall of fog. Such usage drains the wand of one charge. The initial 10' x 10' x 10' cube can be centered on any area within range of vision. On subsequent rounds, additional cubes of fog can be created in adjacent 10' x 10' x 10' areas as willed by the wand user. Each fog cube persists for one turn after its creation. The wand is usable by all classes and may be recharged by an magic-user of 12th level or higher level.

Wand of Homing Fireballs

This wand is most often red and decorated with flaming arrows. It shoots an ordinary fireball, except that detonation is delayed 2d4 rounds and it will home on whatever target the user names. Range 60 yards, movement rate 8. If the fireball cannot find a target that fits the name the user gave (and it can be very pedantic), it returns to the user for further instructions... but still explodes at the end of the 2d4 rounds, wherever that is and cannot be deactivated.

Wand of Opening

This wand is usually thin and made of wood. When this is struck against a lock, bound, tied, etc. object, it will cause the object to be opened, untied, or otherwise unbound. This effect is similar to the knock spell.

Spectre Wand

This wand only operates in the hands of a necromancer (or death master). It fires a jet black ray to a range of 180 feet. A hit by the ray is determined as if the intended victim had been attacked by a 6 HD monster vs. the target's frontal armor class (assuming the target is facing the wielder of the wand). If this roll to hit is not made, there is no effect. If the ray does hit, the target takes 1-8 points of damage (no saving throw), and that many points are drained permanently from the figure's hit point total. The wand takes 1 segment to fire, and has 1 to 50 charges when found. It cannot be recharged. The victim can only regain lost hit points in only one of three ways: limited wish (2-8 points), restoration (2-12 points), or wish (3-18 points). Once the victim gains a new level of experience, lost hit points that have not yet been regained are forever lost.

Wand of Temporal Stasis

This wand allows the wielder to place any one creature in suspended animation, until a dispel magic spell or the reverse (temporal reinstatement) is cast. The effect is the same as the 9th-level magic-user's spell. The command words are invisibly graven into the side of the wand which remain invisible until a detect magic is used on the wand. The wand can only put one creature at a time into the magical stasis. That is to say, once a bugbear has been magically frozen in time, the wand cannot put another creature into that state until the bugbear has been released. One end of the wand (usually the thinner end) casts the spell, the other end (thick end) uncasts it. One charge is used for each casting, and uncasting is free if the status was cast by the wand, otherwise uncasting costs one charge.

Wand of the Undead

This wand resembles the Wand of Orcus, but it is smaller. The wand of the undead acts as a 12th-level evil cleric using an unholy symbol, for determination of forcing undead into service. However, any undead pressed into service will serve for 1-6 months rather than 1-6 weeks at a time. It will not otherwise destroy or turn undead; it will only produce either a neutral/friendly reaction, or call into service those undead it is used upon. Note that minor demons, et al. are allowed a magic resistance check before attempts to influence them; if successful, the wand fails to function.

Wand of Viscid Globs

This item is a metallic baton which upon expending a charge will shoot one blob that covers an area of 4 feet square with a gummy substance which adheres various things together - hands to items held, arms to shields, members to bodies. That is, whatever is covered by it will stick permanently to any other such object. It is cut by alcohol, however. The wand has a range of 60 yards. The bond of the blob is stronger than the substances bonded, and very strong creatures can tear themselves apart trying to get free if enough is exerted. A saving throw applies (but blobs that miss must hit somewhere!)

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