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Hall of Diversity

The Hall of Diversity is quite an amazing site. It is immense and beautiful, but those are its weak points. The many different races that walk these halls are the reason for its name. Why not check these people out! If you're race is not here, you can submit it below...

Race Submitee Date
Elf, Winged Mendahu, Archmage 01/13/00
Giant, Half-Stone Mendahu, Archmage 01/13/00
Satyr Mendahu, Archmage 01/13/00
Sprite Mendahu, Archmage 01/13/00

Submit your race below...


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Ability Requirements (Maxes and Minis):

Classes allowed (List them and include their max levels):

Special Abilities (include character point cost for Skills and Powers if you can, and be DETAILED):

Alignment restrictions (Put alignments ALLOWED in abbrieviated form, such as CE, LG, N, etc.):

Physical Appearance (DETAILED), and Behavior (DETAILED: